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2012 Lake Cycling MX331 Mountain Bike Shoe

2012 lake cycling mx331 mountain bike shoe   2012 Lake Cycling MX331 Mountain Bike Shoe

Lake Cycling, one of the top cycle footwear brands in the world, has introduced a new pair of shoes for mountain bike riders called MX331. One of the unique features of these mountain bike shoes are its thick and very comfortable Race X rubber soles.

Featured by the MX331 is a side-mounted BOA Closure System, which not only gives outstanding heel hold but also maintains maximum comfort and reliable performance during long-distance rides, especially on the trail. On wet rocks, grip order cheap generic cialis is enhanced by its natural rubber, as well.

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For those who are on a budget and still want some cycling shoes that can last for years, the 2012 Lake Cycling MX331 Mountain Bike Shoe is an excellent choice, thanks to its carbon-fiber Thermaform internal heel counter molded in a piece detached from the main sole, reducing manufacturing…

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Lake Cycling MXZ302 Winter MTB Shoes

lake cycling mxz302 winter mtb shoes   Lake Cycling MXZ302 Winter MTB Shoes

The MXZ302 Winter Mountain Bike Shoes from Lake Cycling are made to keep your feet warm and comfortable like no other winter shoe does against the cold weather. This MTB shoe is made with a 3M Thinsulate toe box with a Thermasol insole to keep the rest of your foot warm. It features an Outlast liner that regulates the temperature inside the shoe and a Pittards WR100 leather upper with neoprene cuff to keep the cold out.

The MXZ302 shoe’s high-top design includes a two-piece lace overflap, making it water-resistant and durable against other elements. It possesses an Alpine outsole for maximum grip and performance, reflective details for better visibility and BOA lacing to keep the shoe secure and guarantees no loosening of straps while being used.

With a two-bolt cleat and optional toe spikes, the Lake MXZ302 Winter MTB shoe retails for $269.95.

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