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2011 Kona Unit 29er

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Kona Unit 29er

2011 kona unit 29er   2011 Kona Unit 29er

The Kona singlespeed 29er is back in 2011, the Unit!

Keeping it simple, yet up to par for anyone looking for a 29er singlespeed. The Kona 2011 Unit has altered the set of sliding dropouts, bigger forks and tapered fork blades. Added is a WTB Valcon saddle, which is custom designed, chainstays plus a slacker head tube angle for a more stable and quicker ride.

For the braking system, the 2011 Kona 29er Unit will use Avid components, and the drivetrain will feature FSA. A retail price is not available yet, but will release in white.

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2011 Kona Jake The Snake Cyclocross

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Kona Jake The Snake Cyclocross

2011 kona jake the snake cyclocross   2011 Kona Jake The Snake Cyclocross

Kona’s Jake The Snake makes an amazing appearance in 2011. Improvements have been made for the cyclocross racers.

First, the Kona 2011 Jake The Snake chainstays are a centimeter shorter than the last years. This adds to speed, taking corners, and acceleration. Adding stiffness to the bike is a BB30 bottom bracket, carbon fork (with tapered steer tube), and zero stack tapered head tube.

Components on the 2011 Kona Jake The Snake are 10 Speed Shimano Ultegra and 105 drivetrain, Shimano Wheelset, Maxxis Mud Wrestler tires, and WTB Valcon Race saddle.

Available in Blue/White/Black, and retails for $1,599.

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2011 Kona Steely Dirt Jump – Trail Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Kona Steely Dirt Jump   Trail Bike

2011 kona steely   2011 Kona Steely Dirt Jump   Trail Bike

The 2011 Kona Steely is a steel machine built to endure and perform well on highly technical trails and to meet the demand of a rider who likes to have wild blazing rides.

The Kona Steely features an internal headset and a 67.5 degree headtube angle. It has a compact rear triangle and 180mm front brake rotor. A sloping top tube and Avid Juicy 3 hydraulic disc brakes promises a sturdy and steady bike you can easily control.

Other features of the Steely include ISCG tabs and adjustable 85-130 U-Turn fork. It has 20mm front hub and Shimano Deore components. All-day riding is possible on WTB Valcon Sport SE saddle, Sun Estates rims and Maxxis tires.

The 2011 Kona Steely comes in sizes of 14″, 16″, 18″, 20″ and in matte blue color.

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2011 Carbon Kona Jake

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Carbon Kona Jake

2011 carbon kona jake   2011 Carbon Kona Jake

Kona took on the challenge posed by cyclocross Elite riders Ryan Tebron and Barry Wicks. For 2011, they requested for a specific frame which is lighter, faster and stiffer than the competition but must be in a 63cm frame. The result was the 2011 Carbon Kona Jake.

Wicks shares, “I don’t know how they did it, but they were able to produce a bike for us that met all our specific targets… from the perspective of a racer, we are always trying to make our bikes lighter, stiffer and faster. The scandium Major Jake frames that we have been riding for the last few seasons have been awesome, but we wanted to see if we could push it a little bit further.”

Kona developed an all-carbon Kona Jake with special attention to details like the bottom bracket junction. A BB30 bottom bracket shell was in place and to bring it…

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2011 Kona Operator

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Kona Operator

2011 kona operator   2011 Kona Operator

The Operator is Kona’s new prototype downhill bike for 2011. Chris Mandell, Freerife/DH product manager of Kona describes the Operator, “This bike represents a whole new platform for us, and there are a lot of neat little details to discuss. The bike is a 4-bar. Tried and true, refined, rather than a “regurgitation with facelift” like many of the “new” designs currently hitting the market.”

The Operator has 83mm bb shell and an alloy axle. It comes with a 150mm rear end and 200mm of travel. The new downhill bike has ISCG-05 tabs and 9.5×3” shock. It has a 1.5 Zero Stack tapered headtube with the main pivot and rocker pivot using a 6903-2RS1 that has 17mm inner diameter, 40mm outer diameter and 12mm in width. 1-1/8 upper and 1.5 lower bearings are angular contact bearings.

Mandell adds, “The chain stay to seat stay and seat stay to rocker…

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New Kona E-Bikes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   New Kona E Bikes

kona e bikes   New Kona E Bikes

Kona has three new e-bikes for May. Known as the Ticket, Token and the Electric Ute, these new electric bicycles come in 700c road wheel and 26” mountain bike wheel types. For casual riding, the Ticket and the Token are your choices whereas the Electric Ute would be ideal for getting groceries or running errands.

The Ticket and the Token are equipped with a battery assisted Pedelec motor of 24-volts and 250 watts. A smooth ride is expected due to the mounted TMM torque sensor on the dropout. The sensor balances the power output created from your pedaling and the front wheel drive motor.

The battery ensures as much as 700 rides with its 24V x 10Ah capacity. You can go as far as 30km if you have it under power assist mode. If you use it under the normal mode, the system can assist you up to 57km. A 100km range…

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Pedaltarian Posters – Kona 2010 Ad Story

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Pedaltarian Posters   Kona 2010 Ad Story

pedaltarian posters kona 2010 ad story   Pedaltarian Posters   Kona 2010 Ad Story

Kona’s marketing department put together some online exclusive posters, which gives us a clear look at Kona 2010 Art Campaign. Apart of their online magazine features, the Pedaltarian Posters looks directly at how the company found inspiration in poster art, then transferring it to their bike lineup. Most have a vintage feel, or cameos from different entertainment areas like movies or original posters. Check out the rest here.

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