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2012 Kona Satori Full Suspension 29er Mountain Bike

2012 kona satori full suspension 29er mountain bike   2012 Kona Satori Full Suspension 29er Mountain Bike

For 2012, Kona has released a new full suspension 29er mountain bike with 130mm long travel called Satori. For a big-wheeled bike with big travel, the Satori frame is quite slim but still rigid enough to tackle aggressive riding well.

Created with the latest standards, the Satori features 12×142 rear axle, tapered HT, and a new version of four-bar linkage. Instead of the Walking Beam design, the Satori utilizes a Swing Link design in order to reduce its standover height but still maintains a huge degree of rider tunability.

In terms of geometry, the 2012 Kona Satori Full Suspension 29er Mountain Bike has a reasonably slack 68-degree head angle and a suspension setup that is made to pound anything on the trail. Moreover, the bike comes with an Easton Vice 29 wheelset, Maxxis Ardent tires, and 710mm bars.

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2012 Kona Kahuna Deluxe 29er Bike

2012 kona kahuna deluxe 29er bike   2012 Kona Kahuna Deluxe 29er Bike

With a lot of refinements, the Kahuna Deluxe is one of the topnotch 29er bikes from Kona for its 2012 lineup. In order to provide the rider with speed and stability, the Kahuna Deluxe features large wheels, the 7005 aluminum 29in wheel.

Riders can be sure that they enjoy a stronger, quicker, and longer ride on the woods with the lightweight and functional components. These include RockShox Recon Gold TK Solo Air 29er that comes with 20mm thru-axle to balance durability and performance.

For riders who want to ride with incredible speed and performance on the trail, the perfect machine is the 2012 Kona Kahuna Deluxe 29er Bike. Other high-quality components of the Kahuna Deluxe are the SRAM X7 10-speed rear derailleur, WTB SpeeDisc All Mountain rims, and Avid Elixir 3 brakes.

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2012 Kona Mahuna 29er Bike

2012 kona mahuna 29er bike   2012 Kona Mahuna 29er Bike

Kona has designed a new reasonably priced entry-level mountain bike called the Mahuna for 2012. This inch-wheel hardtail is ideal for riders who want to jump on the big-wheel bandwagon. Taking pride in its Kona Race Light 7005, this Kona is lightweight in weight and geared for performance.

To produce thicker tubes at weld areas and at vital parts of the frame, Race Light 7005 uses custom butting. This also provides the rider with unbelievable strength and torsional reliability. Speed and stiffness are perfectly balanced by removing wall thickness in some parts of the frame.

With 7005 aluminum butted tubing and 29er geometry, the 2012 Kona Mahuna 29er Bike is designed to keep things simple yet exciting. Moreover, its carefully selected topnotch components make it one of the most durable 29er machines on the market today.

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2012 Kona Honzo 29er Bike

2012 kona honzo 29er bike   2012 Kona Honzo 29er Bike

Kona Bikes has released a new steel frame coming out for 2012 called Honzo 29er, which is a trail and all-mountain hardtail. The Honzo features short chain stays and a slack head angle. Through the short 415mm/16.3 inch chain stays, the Honzo can be run only as a 1×9.

Being teamed up with steel, the Honzo is an ideal bike for the 29er online crew. Kona has used slider drop outs for the Honzo and provided it with singlespeed capabilities. Since the headset is a 44mm variety, the bike can be equipped with a tapered steer tube.

Having a 68° head angle means that it is climbable but not so sharp that it holds the rider back when trail points down. Trail abusive and wildly supple, the 2012 Kona Honzo 29er Bike is one tough machine 29er riders must have.

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2012 Kona King Kahuna

2012 kona king kahuna   2012 Kona King Kahuna

Kona has something new for 2012 called King Kahuna, which is also its first carbon 29er hardtail that guarantees a very fast ride. Along with its smart part spec, other features include a proprietary carbon weave, tapered headtube, and a stiff 142x12mm rear axle.

Designed both for speed and for toughness, the proprietary carbon fiber weave is a big plus to the King Kahuna. Featured by the bike’s mastered geometry are a low bottom bracket and short chainstays. The spec package makes the bike a certified all race, all speed machine.

Highlights of the spec package are SRAM X9 10-speed drivetrain, Avid Elixir 5 brakes, Easton XC 29er wheelset, and RockShox Reba RL 29er tapered with a 15mm thru-axle. Carefully designed and constructed, the 2012 Kona King Kahuna is an outstanding race-winning 29er mountain bike.

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2012 Kona Slopestyle Frameset Preview

2012 kona slopestyle frameset preview   2012 Kona Slopestyle Frameset Preview

Looks like Kona is firing off their first few shots for next year with a preview for their upcoming 2012 Kona Slopestyle Frameset.

Next year’s frame from Kona seems to be shorter in physical terms from its other siblings such as the Kona Operator.

According to the official Kona blog, the prototypes will go through a rigorous test run under Graham Agassiz and Chris Mandell.

More details will be provided once additional news has been released.

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2011 Kona Ute City + Ute Electric Bike

2011 kona ute city ute electric bike   2011 Kona Ute City + Ute Electric Bike

Two models of the 2011 Kona Ute will release, both under the SimpliCITY series, but one will launch as a traditional city bike, and the other is a electric bike.

First up, we have the Kona 2011 Ute city bike, which is fitting for anyone commuting with the “more than average” load. In 2011, Kona added two panniers made of waterproof vinyl, with plastic on the bottom for stability. Also added is a hand plat handlebar, 7 inch front brake rotor, and a new designed alloy fork. If you enjoy weekend rides with your children, the Ute is compatible with the Xtracycle Pee Pod LT child seat. MSRP is $1049, and comes in black/blue/green-white.

The 2011 Kona Ute electric bike is battery assisted, and can haul up to 100kg. Using a 24 volt x 13AH 250w battery with 700c tires. The motor is Pedelec,…

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