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2012 Kona Jake The Snake Cyclocross Bike

2012 kona jake the snake cyclocross bike   2012 Kona Jake The Snake Cyclocross Bike

For those who are looking for the most diverse bike on the cyclocross market today, Kona Bikes has reintroduced its racing machine called Jake The Snake for 2012. What is new with its 2012 model that Kona Bikes designed its aesthetics to be more suitable for racing.

The same reliable quality is carried over from the previous model. Highlights of its top-quality specs include Kona Aluminum Butted 7005 tubing, Avid Shorty 6 brakes, FSA Gossamer Compact BB30 Press Fit cranks, Shimano 10-speed Tiagra/105 drivetrain, as well as Maxxis Mud Wrestler tires.

With its unparalleled versatility, the 2012 Kona Jake The Snake Cyclocross Bike works well for racing, commuting, training, touring, and plain rides. Its state-of-the-art frame and race-winning geometry make it the ideal machine to win cyclocross races or cross jungles — your pick.

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2012 Kona Major Jake Cyclocross Bike

2012 kona major jake cyclocross bike   2012 Kona Major Jake Cyclocross Bike

During its year of introduction, the Major Jake has already made a mark on the cycling world after helping Kona Team’s Helen Wyman’s land third in the 2011 European cross season. With the same outstanding stiffness and speed, this World-Cup-ready carbon fiber cyclocross bike is back for 2012.

Since the Major Jake is one of the most respected cyclocross bikes on the market today, Kona Bikes made sure that its 2012 version has a lot of new things to offer. Its fancier new components include a Shimano Ultegra tubeless compatible wheelset and Avid Shorty Ultimate brakes.

As it did to Kona Team’s very own cyclocross racer, the 2012 Kona Major Jake Cyclocross Bike will help riders wherever they may travel. The carbon frame of this award-winning cyclocross racing machine comes with a full carbon tapered steerer fork as well as an FSA Carbon CX cockpit.

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2012 Kona Supreme Operator Downhill Bike

2012 kona supreme operator downhill bike   2012 Kona Supreme Operator Downhill Bike

Kona Bikes has updated its famous downhill bike called Supreme Operator for 2012. This updated bike, which is the top-of-the-line model of the 2012 Operator range, has been used by the downhill team of Kona during the entire season of the World Cup circuit.

Featured by the Supreme Operator is bead blasting, which both makes the outer surface of the tubes stronger and enhances crack prevention. With the complete pro-level spec, including the new Easton 35mm bar/stem parts, the full downhill bike weighs in at just 17.23kg.

For riders who do not mind buying a pricey race-ready bike with first-class components, the 2012 Kona Supreme Operator Downhill Bike is the perfect choice. Its impressive specs include a RockShox Boxxer World Cup fork, Easton Havoc cockpit, Fox DHX RC4 rear shock, and a Shimano Saint groupset.

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2012 Kona Zing Deluxe Road Bike

2012 kona zing deluxe road bike   2012 Kona Zing Deluxe Road Bike

Skillfully designed by Kona Bikes, the new Zing Deluxe is one of the newest and most coveted road bikes for 2012. While incorporating the geometry from some of the former Kona road bikes, it gets some new tube shaping with the use of the Kona Race Light 7005 Superplastic-formed tubes.

Along with these highly efficient and lightweight tubes is a Dedacciai carbon fork, making a great component package. With these carefully selected specs, the Zing Deluxe offers a great value without compromising quality. Also, its Kona Race Light 7005 Aluminum Butted frame is nicely painted with green.

Comfort and speed are perfectly balanced by the 2012 Kona Zing Deluxe Road Bike, thanks to its excellent road geometry. In particular, this machine is designed for beginners who are just about to enter the world of road bike cycling.

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2012 Kona Zing Supreme Road Bike

2012 kona zing supreme road bike   2012 Kona Zing Supreme Road Bike

For 2012, Kona Bikes has collaborated with Dedacciai, a well-known Italian road frame maker, to create spanking new custom carbon fiber road bikes, one of which is the Zing Supreme. In terms of geometry, shape, and features, this road bike is designed to offer superior performance.

Along with the no-frill Kona Carbon Race monocoque frame and full-carbon monocoque fork by Dedacciai, the King Zing also features a Shimano 105 group as well as Mavic Aksium wheels. This classic road-angle racing bike guarantees an incredibly light ride with much comfort and confidence.

Aside from being lightweight, the 2012 Kona Zing Supreme Road Bike is also responsive, stable, and fast. This is the perfect machine for riders who want to speed up their pace on the road. While the fork weighs in at 400g, the 53, 56, and 59 frames weigh 1200g, 1260g and 1300g respectively.

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2012 Kona King Zing Carbon Fiber Road Bike

2012 kona king zing carbon fiber road bike   2012 Kona King Zing Carbon Fiber Road Bike

Newly introduced by Kona Bikes for 2012 is a brand new carbon fiber road bike called King Zing. Although Kona Bikes started as a mountain bike company and became famous as such, this company also consists of roadies, so the design of the King Zing is definitely well thought out.

Manufactured by Dedacciai in Italy, the King Zing utilizes spinned stays that are custom in design. At a reasonable price for the road bike, its component specs are quite solid. These specs include Mavic Ksyrium Equipe wheelset and mostly Ultrega drivetrain.

Though created by a mountain bike company, the 2012 Kona King Zing Carbon Fiber Road Bike is carefully designed for serious roadies. Featured by its front end are a tapered head tube, inset headset, and full carbon monocoque fork, enabling the bike to tackle harsh roads and track with speed.

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2012 Kona Splice 29er Bike

2012 kona splice 29er bike   2012 Kona Splice 29er Bike

Included in the new range of 29er bikes released by Kona for 2012 is the Splice. Kona has combined its effectiveness of commuter expertise with the acceleration, speed, and variety of its 29er hardtail geometry.

While its geometry is the same with that of the renowned Kahuna, the Splice features an 80mm fork with components that are made to tackle a wide range of terrains from backroads to backcountry.As a cross between Kona’s Dew and Kahuna bikes, the Splice portrays a beautiful mutation.

Nicely constructed, the 2012 Kona Splice 29er Bike is created for riders who want to create a good balance of a smooth ride at a reasonable price. Other features are Kona aluminum riser handlebars, Shimano drivetrain, ProMax mechanical disc brakes, and Suntour XCR 80mm fork with lockout.

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