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2011 Knolly Chilcotin DH Bike

2011 knolly chilcotin dh bike   2011 Knolly Chilcotin DH Bike

Knolly shows its new mountain bike, the Chilcotin at Interbike 2010. Built for downhill riding or simply trail climbing rides, the Chilcotin has a 6” travel frame that weighs 7.5lbs. With 3/8 thick dropouts, it has a tire clearance built to accommodate 2.7” tires. The Chilcotin has 135mm rear wheel spacing and ISCG05 tabs for easy mounting.

The 2011 Knolly Chilcotin uses Knolly’s patented Four by 4 linkage system for customized suspension. With it, you can adjust your suspension system dependent on what kind of riding you plan on doing for the day. It features a built in cable outing and bottom bracket option of 341mm or 350mm. The head angle can also be adjusted for 66 degrees or 66.75 degrees.

The Chilcotin for 2011 by Knolly has a bolt-on front derailleur cable stop for use of a guide or HammerSchmidt, 1.5” headtube and bright color graphics that can capture anybody’s…

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Knolly Mountain Bike Frames 2010

knolly mountain bike frames 2010   Knolly Mountain Bike Frames 2010

The Knolly Mountain Bike Frames for 2010 look like your traditional full suspension mountain bike, but due the the exclusive colors and tech, Knolly sets the bar a bit higher for other companies. Featuring the patented Fourby4 linkage, allowing the 2010 Knolly Mountain Bike Frames to be stiff. The Podium and Delirium frames will release in March 2010, but the Endorphin and Endorphin XC are available now. Retail price starts at £1999.00.

Source: Dirtmountainbike

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