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Knog Switch Glove

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Knog Switch Glove

knog switch glove   Knog Switch Glove

Any rider with a love for gloves should definitely get the new Knog Switch Glove , which works great for any and all riding styles from cyclocross to road biking and still delivers a unique level of warmth all throughout the year.

It would be a bold statement to say that the new Knog Switch Glove is definitely a great contender for being hailed as the β€œit” gloves for 2011. The gloves feature a neoprene and mesh sections as well as a synthetic leather palm to keep your palms from getting drenched with sweat. These gloves are also windproof and are really comfortable no matter what the climate is from summer to winter.

The gloves’ palm pads have been designed to stay in place no matter what the type of handlebar the user might clutch. As an added plus, the thumb area has also been reinforced to keep it stronger. The…

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Knog Sausage Locks

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knog sausage locks   Knog Sausage Locks

The latest from Knog is its Sausage Locks or Party Franks to keep your bike secure. The lock is made with medical grade UV stable silicon in a patented seamless overmould. Inside, there”s a braided steel cable with fiber core to withstand any bolt cutter.

It comes with three color-coded keys, 1000 combination blade style lock and wrist coil. You can attach the Party Frank on your bike with a 8mm stainless circular steel locking knob or Authorities have issued a warrant for the arrest of a online high schools employee in the physical assault of a student and an alleged plot to cover it up. you can wrap it around your wrist when not in use.

The Sausage Lock has a 12mm cable diameter and 5mm steel diameter. It”s 620mm in length and weighs 250 grams. Knog made them in 3 sizes and it comes in 12…

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Knog Boomer Bike Lights

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knog boomer bike lights 1 300x171   Knog Boomer Bike Lights

When it comes to bike lights, Knog made a commitment to safety with its Boomer. Now available in a USB rechargeable version, the Knog Boomer remains one of the economical options in the bike light department.

The Boomer retails at $34.95. It is water-resistant and weighs only 53g with batteries. Using 2 AAA batteries, the Boomer is slim with a flexible silicon body.

The light comes with an integrated LED lens and is available in colors blue, white, black, pink, translucent and red. The white LED gives you 50 lumens while the red LED provides 30 lumens of light.

The Knog Boomer is easy to attach to your bike’s bars. It gives you four modes to choose from: constant, strobe flash, fast flash and random strobe.

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Knog Saddle Dog Pack

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knog saddle dog 1 300x171   Knog Saddle Dog PackAustralian brand Knog designed a saddle pouch that is both stylish and functional called the Saddle Dog. It comes in two sizes, the Mini and the Maxi. Both can be had with four trendy colors to choose from. These are storm grey/asian olive, oatmeal/agent orange, burnt orange/cream and waxed camo.

The Knog Saddle Dog is made from water-resistant heavy weight waxed cotton canvas. It has reflective piping for good visibility and is skillfully handmade to be durable and strong to hold your valuables or multi-tools.

The Saddle Dog has a main attachment strap which you can adjust and secure from the inside. There, you will find the internal cam buckle. For added stability and to keep your saddle pouch secure, Knog added a secondary elastic and hook configuration which you can wrap around the seatpost end.

The Mini can hold 1L and has 140x85x75mm measurements. The Maxi can take 1.2L and has…

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