pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Kurt Kinetic Road Machine

2011 kurt kinetic road machine   2011 Kurt Kinetic Road Machine

The 2011 Kurt Kinetic Road Machine is the latest in a long line of resistance bike trainers from Kinetic. One word that would definitely describe the Road Machine’s performance is stability.

In both fast and slow intervals the kinetic road machine offers no woobly movements or even bouncing, which makes for a smoother transition and training for cyclists of all ages.

Some things that you might need to know on the get go: The road machine’s frame is solid and follows a stable frame while the screw operated roller tension is a bit of a drag to use since is starts really slow and finally the axle clamp latched to the road machine can be pretty fast.

Cyclists gunning for a harder work out will be happy to hear that the Kinetic road machine can provide what they’ve been looking for thanks to the fluid-based resistance, which increases exponentially over…

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