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2011 Kinesis Crosslight CSix2

2011 kinesis crosslight csix2   2011 Kinesis Crosslight CSix2

Kinesis UK shows off its new cyclocross frame called the Crosslight CSix2 for 2011. The frame is full carbon-made and a first for Kinesis. It weighs about 1kg and around 1.8kg if you include the forks, headset and clamp. Tested by National Cyclocross Champion Jody Crawforth, the CSix2 received excellent observations on performance.

Photo in frame shows the early prototype model. It has wide mud clearance and cables are routed along the top tube. Cable stops are canted so you won’t experience any entanglements while carrying the Crosslight Csix2. It can also take on outer cable housing to the rear, making the shifting precise. The fork is judder resistant and the bottle bosses will not be included in its final design.

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Crosslight CSix2 2010 Cyclocross Frame

crosslight csix2 2010 cyclocross frame   Crosslight CSix2 2010 Cyclocross Frame

Kinesis and Upgrade Bikes came together for the Crosslight CSix2 2010 Cyclocross Frame, which is the first all carbon cyclocross frame from the two companies. Apart of Upgrades Advanced Development Program, the collaboration between the two will build off the CSix2 which first released in 2008 – 2009 season, which was rode by Jody Crawforth. Breaking down the Crosslight CSix2 2010 Cyclocross Frame, which uses a carbon monocoque front triangle and carbon rear triangle taken from the first CSix, and adding a new fork specifically designed for the frame.

The Crosslight CSix2 2010 Cyclocross Frame has a somewhat oval shape top tube to resist lateral flexing and comfort, wishbone seatstays, and chainstays for power transfer. For a more sleek look, the cables are run along the top tube, and rear gear cable route helps combat against mud affecting shifting and overall performance. Lastly, the Zero…

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Kinesis Racelight 7075 Winter Fork

kinesis racelight 7075 winter fork   Kinesis Racelight 7075 Winter Fork

Kinesis brings us the new Racelight 7075 Winter Fork that will look nice on your road bike. Getting to the specifics, the Kinesis Racelight 7075 Winter Fork features tapered and butted 7075 blades, 11/8″ alloy steerer for use with a integrated headset, and can work with long drop brakes. Crown height is 374mm, while these forks only weigh 650 grams. The graphics on the Kinesis Racelight 7075 Winter fork will go smoothly with the 2010 Kinesis UK Frames. Retail is about $96 USD, more pictures below.

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Kinesis KM-810 2010 Mountain Bike Frame

kinesis km 810 mountain bike frame   Kinesis KM 810 2010 Mountain Bike Frame

2010 will bring the Kinesis KM-810 Mountain Bike Frame constructed of carbon fiber, an exciting move by the brand. The news seems to be spreading quick, but you might remember that 2009 is the 10 year anniversary, so Kinesis has released all the models from the past 10 years.

The Kinesis KM-810 2010 Mountain Bike Frame is designed for UK riders, and what terrain they encounter, but can rip it up world wide. Using a 90-100mm travel suspension fork, and said by the designer Dom Mason “(the fork) ideal for the newer breed of technical singletrack XC courses found in the UK.” Featuring s-ben stays, flared head tube and bottom bracket, oversized chainstays, and hidden cable mounts. Medium frame will weigh around 1.1kg, retail price is £999.

Source: Bikemagic

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