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2011 KHE Maceto PRO, AD, ST

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 KHE Maceto PRO, AD, ST

2011 khe maceto pro ad st   2011 KHE Maceto PRO, AD, ST

KHE Bikes reveals the signature park bikes by Daniel Dhers for 2011. The Maceto PRO, Maceto AD and Maceto ST have 4130 Crmo frames and quality parts that aim to be a value buy for BMX enthusiasts.

The Maceto PRO comes with the KHE Pluma fork, bar and seat with its frame based on the 2011 Maceteo frame. It also has CNC alloy pedals and Pyramid grips. The Maceto Pro weighs 9.2kg with Big-V rim, Astral 10mm, 36 hub front, Big-O rim rear and DT-Swiss spokes. It uses MAC 2 Park foldable front/MAC 1.5 Park foldable rear and Alchemy plastic pegs. The Maceto PRO is colored silver with blue details.

The Maceto AD follows the PRO on its frame and fork. It has a titanium crank spindles and Affix Ansa grips. It has Affix components with KHE rotor 25T steel. It features KHE Pluma seat/seat tube combo and KHE Dubz chain…

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KHE Rotor CD Sprocket

pinit fg en rect gray 20   KHE Rotor CD Sprocket

khe rotor cd sprocket   KHE Rotor CD Sprocket

KHE new Rotor CD Sprocket are manufactured in Germany, and was actually constructed in one of the leading high end motorcycle manufacturers. The KHE Rotor CD Sprocket is CNC machined, while using a one of a kind process to make the teeth known as diamond cut. Claimed by KHE, their new KHE Rotor CD Sprocket is amongst the most durable and strongest on the market.
Source: Transworld

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