pinit fg en rect gray 20   Trek K Swiss Custom Speed Concept Bike

trek k swiss speed concepts bike   Trek K Swiss Custom Speed Concept Bike

On October 9th, the Trek K-Swiss team took to the Ironman World Championship in Kona Hawaii. Representing Trek/K-Swiss was Julie Dibens, Chris Lieto, and Fraser Cartmell. For the event, Trek made four custom Speed Concept triathlon bikes.

The Trek K-Swiss Custom Speed Concepts were made in different colorways, three representing specific cyclists. The red/white-blue Speed Concept is Chris Lieto’s, Julie Dibens has the sky blue/white/red model, and Fraser Cartmell was issued the blue/black-white tri-bike. The last Speed Concept uses traditional colors, adding the K-Swiss logo.

Each K-Swiss Trek Speed Concept features the respective brand’s logos and branding of the rider. To receive your own custom Speed Concept, visit Trek Project One.

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