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2011 Fox Helmets, Gloves, Jerseys, Knee + Arm Pads

2011 fox helmets gloves jerseys klnee arm pads2   2011 Fox Helmets, Gloves, Jerseys, Knee + Arm Pads

There’s no doubt that Fox has delivered several goods last year, and this year is no exception. To start off 2011 right, Fox has released several new products such a helmets, cycling gloves, jerseys and knee and arm pads.

New helmets have been released, including the Flux helmet, built with an outer shell that covers and protects the EPS from dings and dents, thus, provides structural integrity with a molded wrap fit.

Coming to its line of apparel accessories are its Unabomber gloves, built with hydro management nano-technology for more resistants to water. The Unabomber also serves as the company’s debut of its very own new Poron XRD extreme Impact Protection.

The Poron XRD extreme Impact Protection foam is brought to the next level, as it stays soft and flexible when used normally but turns stiff for protection when impact occurs. The same foam is also found on the new…

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Campagnolo Heritage Jerseys

campagnolo heritage jerseys   Campagnolo Heritage Jerseys

Vintage is the new look for many, although people have been keen to this for awhile. Now, Campagnolo brings out a new set of Heritage Jerseys that should favor retro fans and people that enjoy Campagnolo components. Four different Campagnolo Heritage Jerseys are available soon, which are the Heritage Half Zip Flocked Logo Jersey made of sport wool, Heritage Half Zip Logo Jersey, Heritage Windproof Light Textran Jacket. Coming soon to a Campagnolo retailer near you.

Source: Velodramatic

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Fabric Horse Vintage Wool Cycling Jerseys

fabric horse vintage wool cycling jerseys   Fabric Horse Vintage Wool Cycling Jerseys

Fabric Horse just received a few vintage wool cycling jerseys which are unisex, and just in time for Valentines Day (in case your thinking of purchasing your significant other a gift). Sadly as of now the Fabric Horse Vintage Wool Cycling Jerseys are only available in small, and since Fabric Horse is not taking returns on the jerseys they have posted the chest size in each color, so make sure it fits before purchasing. Retail price is $49, and color options are red, blue, and white/red.

Source: Pedalconsumption

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Ritchey Merino Wool Jerseys

ritchey merino wool jerseys   Ritchey Merino Wool Jerseys

Ritchey is releasing two Merino Wool Jerseys, and since they are made of wool you will stay warm in the cold weather. One of the Jerseys is called the L’Eroica, which is a short sleeve and is inspired by the 1950s and 1960s jerseys and the Tuscan road race. All the Jerseys are made in Italy using 100% merino wool, and also features chain stitched embroidery. Retail is $155.

Source: Bike Radar

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