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2011 Icebreaker Bike Wear

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Icebreaker Bike Wear

2011 icebreaker bike wear   2011 Icebreaker Bike Wear

Icebreaker, a New Zealand brand, released a new line of bike wear for men and women. The bike wear is intended for road and mountain bike styles, which is bound for Spring and Summer 2011. Included in this new line is the SS Circuit jersey, the Cadence short, and the Circuit bib short.

A great cycle top, the new SS Circuit Jersey features a pump pocket, rear cargo pockets, and gripper on the hem. This Circuit jersey is not only breathable and light. With its merino fabric, temperature can be easily controlled offering great comfort to its wearer.

Also made of merino, the Cadence shorts are very comfortable and durable. With double-knit construction made up of six panels, the shorts offer a perfectly shaped fit. Overheating and irritation are prevented, thanks to the premium merino.

Combining premium merino and technical garment, the Circuit Bib shorts combine the best attributes…

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2011 Campagnolo Cycling Jacket, Jersey, and Shorts for Women

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Campagnolo Cycling Jacket, Jersey, and Shorts for Women

2011 campagnolo cycling jacket jersey and shorts for women   2011 Campagnolo Cycling Jacket, Jersey, and Shorts for Women

Campagnolo released a new Tech Motion lineup for women, including a windproof jacket, jersey and shorts. Some similarities with the Campagnolo cycling apparel for men are featured in the 2011 Campagnolo Cycling Jacket, Jersey and Shorts for Women.

Such is the 2011 Campagnolo jacket for women, which incorporates Light Textran windproof, breathable fabric. Reflective piping is included in the jacket’s front and rear zips and IQseen heat-applied reflective inserts is on the front, back and sides to greatly increase all-around visibility at night. To wick moisture away from the skin, the jacket has a hydrophillic membrane in its fabric.

Like the jacket, the Campagnolo jersey also has eflective features along with two open rear pockets and a third side-entry zip pocket. A small pocket above the left breast is on the front with a concealed zipper. With Lycra Xtra Fine material, the jersey is very lightweight, flexible, breathable and…

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Road Holland – The Arnhem Jersey

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Road Holland   The Arnhem Jersey

road holland the arnhem jersey   Road Holland   The Arnhem Jersey Road Holland is a new company that specializes in creating quality cycling clothes. In fairness with the company, they do deliver the goods.
The Arnhem jersey is a strong-looking jersey, perfect for riding. Whether it’s winter or fall, the Arnhem aims to keep body temperatures at a comfortable level. Made of 61% polyester and 39% Merino, the Arnhem looks great with jeans. The Arnhem features a full-length zipper with a contrasting orange placket that compliments its whole design.
Built with three cargo pockets with an external stash pocket, headphone cord pass-through in the middle pocket and a waist gripper, the Arnhem retails for $140. …

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2011 Torm T6 Jersey

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Torm T6 Jersey

2011 torm t6 jersey   2011 Torm T6 Jersey

39% Merino and 61% polyester, the 2011 Torm T6 long-sleeve jersey is light and efficiently keeps essential body heat locked in and wicks moisture away from the skin thanks to the Sportwool and the T6′s cut. Along with the accurate sizings are an extended tail and sleeves long enough to stay down while on the bike.

Tailored specifically for bike riding, the 2011 Torm T6 long-sleeve jersey has great new features that include a drawstring waist and lock-down YKK zip with a chinguard. On the rear is a silicone gripper to keep the jersey in place. The Torm T6 also features subtle reflective strips, three well-sized pockets and two water resistant zip pockets that have looped zips for easy access.

As compared to the original jersey, all joins on the rear pockets of the 2011 Torm T6 jersey have been reinforced. Extra stitching has been added at each point where a…

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Retro 7-11 Jersey Spring 2011

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Retro 7 11 Jersey Spring 2011

DESCENTE RETRO 7 11 JERSEY1   Retro 7 11 Jersey Spring 2011

The 7-11 cycling team recreates its team jersey to celebrate its 30th anniversary. The Descente Retro 7-11 jersey features a hidden 14″ zipper and 3 back pockets. Its materials, Descente’s TEMPO fabric and a polyester fabric with mico waffle texture allow outstanding breathability and moisture management.

By purchasing one of these jerseys that will be available in the spring of 2011, you can own a piece of American history. Moreover, you will be helping LiveStrong, Lance Armstrong’s Foundation. The proceeds from the sale of the Retro 7-11 jerseys will be given to the said foundation.

The Retro 7-11 cycling jersey is released in honor of the cycling professionals who championed the establishment of a US team in the international field of cycling. These dedicated cycling professionals include Davis Phinney, Andy Hampsten, Alexi Grewal, Rebecca Twigg, Ron Keifel, Jim Ochowicz, and Bob Roll. Team 7-11 is now a major…

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Santa Cruz S-Man L/S TRAD Merino Jersey

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Santa Cruz S Man L/S TRAD Merino Jersey

santa cruz s man l s trad merino jersey   Santa Cruz S Man L/S TRAD Merino Jersey

Winter is here, and if you’re a fan of Santa Cruz bikes, note that they’ve just released a jersey made of merino wool from New Zealand.

The Santa Cruz S-Man L/S TRAD Merino Jersey is lightweight, soft, and is worn very close to the skin, ensuring warmth.

When summer rolls around, the Santa Cruz merino jersey can handle warmer weather by flings away moisture and sweat.

Small branding is placed, with the Swobo logo on the left shoulder blade and a Santa Cruz strip on the lower sleeve. Limited quantities are available, with a retail price of $120….

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Danny Shane Eco Cycling Jerseys

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Danny Shane Eco Cycling Jerseys

danny shane eco cycling jerseys   Danny Shane Eco Cycling Jerseys

Danny Shane has been manufacturing stylish cycling apparel (especially jerseys) for the past three years. Aside from providing fashionable pieces, it is also eco-friendly. Danny Shane clothing uses renewable resources and recycled material as part of being environment conscious. Spurred with the love for cycling, Danny Shane releases new jerseys which uses bamboo white ash infused in the polyester cloth. This results to a jersey which has a natural moisture-wicking quality that guarantee no itching or irritation when worn.

The Danny Shane Jersey has a racing cut and a hidden zipper to keep the aerodynamic design in place. It features turbulence-resistant shoulders, sleeves, and neck areas. It has two lines, the Retrospective Racing Jerseys and the Tartan Race Jerseys. The Retro Jerseys features classic Tour de France race designs while the Tartan Jerseys showcases different shades and designs of plaid.

The Retro Jerseys retails for $119 while the Tartan Jerseys are…

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