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2012 Jerónimo Cycles Rasputin Fe Mountain Bike

2012 jeronimo cycles czar fe road bike1   2012 Jerónimo Cycles Rasputin Fe Mountain Bike

Jerónimo Cycles, the Spanish brand known for its nice titanium bicycles, has entered a new venture in steel and released a new mountain bike called Rasputin for 2012. The mountain bike is under the Fe series of the brand along with the cZar road bike, another new model.

It is the first time for Jerónimo Cycles to release steel frames, but in collaboration with the British company Reynolds, the Fe series guarantees topnotch quality. There will be 26in and 29er versions for the Rasputin, which is built from high end Reynolds 853 tubing.

Consistency and resistance are offered by the 2012 Jerónimo Cycles Rasputin Mountain Bike, thanks to its steel material. Its frame, which is exclusively designed for disc brakes, is ready for a rear luggage rack installation. Since the bike will be released with just 50 units, reservations can be made online.

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2012 Jerónimo Cycles cZar Fe Road Bike

2012 jeronimo cycles czar fe road bike   2012 Jerónimo Cycles cZar Fe Road Bike

New for riders who are fond of road bikes is the cZar from the Fe series introduced by Jerónimo Cycles for 2012. This Spanish company used high-end Reynolds 853 tubing in order to build this unique road bike, which will be released in a limited number of 50 units only.

Featured by the Fe series is an excellent geometry and impressive technical specifications. Fe, which means iron, stands for the new venture of Jerónimo Cycles in steel for 2012. The frames made in Spain will be provided either with a rigid steel fork or individually. It will be available in three sizes.

Built from steel, the 2012 Jerónimo Cycles Fe cZar Road Bike is amazingly flexible and robust. Since it does not build up fatigue, the bike frame offers legendary reliability and resistance. Its steel material also makes this road bike an ideal choice for classical and purist riders.

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