pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Osloh Biking Jeans

2011 osloh biking jeans 2   2011 Osloh Biking Jeans

For riders who commute by bicycle on a daily basis, stylish and durable garments are needed such as the 2011 Osloh biking jeans. Tailored from synthetic material, this specialized cycling jeans allow an efficient way to wick away sweat.

Aside from the special riding experience, also featured by the Osloh are a lot of special pockets. These pockets allow the riders to strategically secure their things while cycling. Moreover, these pockets add to the simple but stylish overall design of the jeans.

Offering versatility, the 2011 Osloh Biking Jeans help the rider make an efficient time management day in day out. With its comfortable stretch fabric with ankle straps, it can be worn all day not only for riding but also for work and out of town escapades.

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