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James Straffon x Rapha Grand Tour Shoe

james straffon x rapha grand tour shoe   James Straffon x Rapha Grand Tour Shoe

Artist James Straffon’s work can be viewed on these Rapha Grand Tour shoes. This piece of his was inspired by rare cycling memorabilia.

A detailed look at the shoes reveal imagery of the first ‘Grand Départ’, dating back over 100 years ago. Maurice Garin makes an appearance on the shoes, too, among other unforgettable cycling times.

The shoes themselves, a Rapha x Giro collab is Rapha’s first venture into the cycling footwear market. Comes in black or white and retails at $450.

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Bike Art from James Straffon

bike art from james straffon 300x241   Bike Art from James Straffon

World-class designer Paul Smith will exhibit bike art from James Straffon at his global store in London Heathrow, Airport Terminal 5. The art will be viewable from July 4 to July 21. Straffon is the curator and artist of the NÖ gallery.

Tthe art wall will be located at the departure lounge in the airport. It will be in celebration of the upcoming Tour de France.

Straffon’s talent was influenced by Taliah Lempert, cyclist and artist. Straffon’s medium is paint, but he also dabbles in mixed-media. He aims to reach his audience and bring them into the world of cycling through his imagery. “Our compositions celebrate the bicycle, in all its many forms… with its beauty of speed, its dancing flames, its dynamism, and its simple honest appeal — as something one might enjoy looking at,” said Straffon….

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