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Chrome’s Cobra & Pasha Jackets Make a Great Holiday Gift

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Chromes Cobra & Pasha Jackets Make a Great Holiday Gift

chromes cobra pasha jackets make great holiday gift   Chromes Cobra & Pasha Jackets Make a Great Holiday Gift

If you’re scrounging for a Holiday gift for a friend or significant other, Chrome has you covered with its Cobra and Pasha cycling jackets. The cobra is a men’s exclusive release, while the Pasha is for women.

Weighing in at a light 1.3 pounds, Chrome‘s Cobra and Pasha jackets feature 100% merino wool but with a fleece merino backing. As you may already know, merino will keep you warm while deterring moisture away from the skin.

The small details that Chrome added is a benefit for any cyclist. For example hidden hand warmer pockets are on the front, a pocket on the wrist for a bike lock key and a back cargo pack with a concealed zip.

A part of Chrome’s 2010 Best of Holiday gift list, you can purchase the Cobra or Pasha for $160.

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Sugoi Versa Jacket

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Sugoi Versa Jacket

sugoi versa jacket 223x300   Sugoi Versa Jacket The Versa Jacket from Sugoi is the essential lightweight jacket for the weather conscious cyclist. Made from a new material argon fabric, the jacket already has a built-in weather resistant finish which offers breathable qualities through its microfiber construction.

The Sugoi Versa Jacket features detachable sleeves. Although this design is anything but new, Sugoi makes use of 10 magnets to keep the sleeves on as well as to make it easy to remove from the main sleeves. Sugoi chose the magnets over the dual zipper technology since the latter takes up too much time to put back on or off. With this option, you can change the jacket accordingly as the weather conditions changes from warm to cool or from dry to wet.

The Versa Jacket has excellent ventilation through the vents at the back. It also has two zip pockets in the front and one at the back to store…

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Fox Titan 2010 Sport Jacket

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Fox Titan 2010 Sport Jacket

fox titan 2010 sport jacket   Fox Titan 2010 Sport Jacket

For summer mountain biking or day tripping, you should always go out with good body armor on your back. Fox MX clothes line came out with protective gear for the mountain biker who loves taking risks. The Fox Titan Sport Jacket is the ultimate full body armor you can use under your jersey. For hard spills and high impact falls, this is the jacket you can trust yourself in.

The Titan has an anatomic two piece plastic chest plate than can withstand strong pressure and hard knocks. The back plastic is removable and the jacket also has high shoulder and elbow coverage. For enhanced fit to suit any form, the soft mesh fabric is also comfortable to wear and has high ventilation quality. There is a center zipper for easy slip on and slip off.

The Titan Sport Jacket comes only in the color black but you can choose from five sizes:…

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Specialized Aqua Veto Jacket

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Specialized Aqua Veto Jacket

specialized aqua veto jacket   Specialized Aqua Veto Jacket

The Specialized Aqua Veto Jacket has but one main purpose in life: to keep you dry while cycling. It is made with lightweight polyester/polyurethane bonded fabric, which is noted for its waterproof performance. The material is stretch-woven, ensuring a form-fit. There are pockets in the back, and even they are protected from the outside elements, so your goods can stay dry too. Velcro closures at the cuff help keep the water out of your sleeves, and a zippered chest pocket allows easy access to your stuff. You can purchase the Specialized Aqua Veto Jacket at the Specialized online shop for $140….

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Specialized Deflect Hybrid Jacket

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Specialized Deflect Hybrid Jacket

specialized deflect hybrid jacket   Specialized Deflect Hybrid Jacket

The Specialized Deflect Hybrid Jacket is a great winter time jacket, and its also good if you’re not sure how the weather will be on a given day. The jacket is fully water and wind proof, and the sleeves are removable in case it’s a little warm. It is made with lightweight polyester, in stretch woven construction for a comfortable, form-fitting fit. It features a zip chest pocket and a single back pocket for storing little odds-n-ends. Reflective trim on the back of the jacket makes sure you stay seen while on the road. You can purchase the Specialized Deflect Hybrid Jacket at the Specialized online shop for $100….

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Ground Effect Flash Gordon Jacket

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Ground Effect Flash Gordon Jacket

ground effect flash gordon jacket   Ground Effect Flash Gordon Jacket

The Ground Effect Flash Gordon Jacket is a waterproof jacket that will keep you dry and warm while you’re out training in harsh weather. The sleeves can come off of the Ground Effect Flash Gordon Jacket, making it double as a vest. It also features a fleece lined collar, reflective trim, thumb loops, and a zipped rear pocket. It comes in a light green color way, ensuring that motorists can see you at night time. A lightweight 2.5 layer HydroFoil fabric ensures breathability. The Ground Effect Flash Gordon Jacket retails for $149.

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Cannondale Hydrono Jacket

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cannondale Hydrono Jacket

cannondale hydrono jacket   Cannondale Hydrono Jacket

For bike commuters and hardcore cyclists who train no matter what the weather conditions are, what you wear becomes really important. The Cannondale Hydrono Jacket is made just for such circumstances. It is a seam-sealed, two layer jacket. It’s made from two layer laminate fabric that’s waterproof as well as windproof. The Cannondale Hydrono Jacket’s weatherproof front zipper keeps the elements out so you can get the most of your training, or stay dry and comfortable on your way to work. The Cannondale Hydrono Jacket has a retail price of $99.99, and you can buy it at the CannondaleC online store….

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