pinit fg en rect gray 20   Ivan Raña Will Be Returning to Triathlon

ivan rana will be returning to triathlon   Ivan Raña Will Be Returning to Triathlon

After a one-year experiment with professional cycling, triathlon champion Ivan Raña will be returning to his original sport. His first year, with Xacobeo-Galicia, was a tough one, and he ended up breaking his collarbone at the Mallorca Challenge in February. Rather than take more risks on the road, Ra˜a wants to go back to where he’s comfortable. “I was suffering and having a ball all at the same time. The current situation is very difficult now in cycling and I prefer to make a bet on something more sure. I will return to triathlon with the intention of regaining my former level,” Raña told Spanish wire service EFE. 30-year-old Raña has placed fifth twice at the Olympics, and and his primary goal is to prepare for the 2012 Olympics.

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