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ironman japan cancelled 212x300   Ironman Japan cancelledIronman Japan was cancelled due to an alarming outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease which was diagnosed at the southern islands of Japan. The Goto government has issued the order to put off the June 13 event to protect not just the island but as well as the athletes who will be coming from all over the globe.

The organizers Universal Sports Marketing, coordinated with the Goto Island officials and agreed upon the decision to cancel. It was obvious that to proceed with the race might increase the risk of spreading the disease and harm the agricultural industry of the island.

The World Triathlon Corporation licensed Universal Sports Marketing to see what is proper for the Ironman Japan event. WTC cannot go agains the ruling agreed upon by the organizers and the government of Goto.

WTC is finding ways on how to manage the athletes which have already registered for the event.
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