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Cychosis Keeps Track While on the Track

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cychosis Keeps Track While on the Track

cychosis keeps track while on the track   Cychosis Keeps Track While on the Track

For all cyclists out there who can’t part with their iPhone, here’s another reason to bring it along for your morning ride. The Cychosis app tracks, charts and even tweets about your progress on the road. You can easily chart distance, average speed and time and view high-resolution charts of your daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and all-time progress on the road.

It also keeps track of how much mileage and how many rides your bike, or any other for that matter, has had. If you’re driven to reach your goals and want to make sure of it, Cychosis also lets you do that. It keeps track of the goals you set and measures your progress against them. The iPhone app (or iPod) helps tab common routes, distance, elevation, notes, etc. What’s more is you can record rides as soon as you’re done, filter ride data to the current week,…

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Topeak 2011 iPhone Dry Bag

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Topeak 2011 iPhone Dry Bag

topeak 2011 iphone dry bag   Topeak 2011 iPhone Dry Bag

If you listen to your iPhone or iPod while cycling and ride during the rainy season, Topeak has released the iPhone Dry Bag as a part of its 2011 accessories.

The Topeak iPhone Dry Bag uses a TPU touch window, allowing you to switch songs while riding, and molded foam that absorbs shock encountered on the road.

You can mount the iPhone dry bag to your stem, handlebars or top tube. Two fastening options are available: the QuickClick™ system and optional stem cap mount.

Weighing in at a mere 45 grams, the iPhone dry bag is available at Topeak retailers.

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Bike Repair iPhone App

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Bike Repair iPhone App

bike repair iphone app   Bike Repair iPhone App

Ever need to know how to been riding on the ride, listening to your iPod and something goes wrong with your bike? You have all the tools, just not exactly sure how to fix the problem? Bike Repair iPhone App is available for your iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone.

Broken down step by step, the Bike Repair app keeps it short and sweet, and right to the point so your not confused when it comes to fixing your ride. When creating the application, they did not assume you already knew had to fix your bike, so the easy instructions can help even the beginner. Retail for the app is $1.99. Click here to purchase.

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Tour de France iPhone Pop Quiz

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Tour de France iPhone Pop Quiz

tour de france iphone pop quiz 200x300   Tour de France iPhone Pop QuizJust in time for the Tour de France: A new pop quiz application was developed by Ron Cyger for Apple iPhone/iPod Touch. The KnowPro Tour de France quiz is a software designed to test how much knowledge you have when it comes to the famed race.

The application is based on facts, history, personalities and racers involved in the most celebrated race in the cycling arena. It allows for more than a hundred questions on the Tour. You can personalize the application depending on the number of questions you want to answer and on the level of difficulty.

Sample trivia questions are:
“Who was the first rider from Holland to win the polka-dot jersey?”
“how many stages were in the first Tour de France?”

The KnowPro Tour de France Pop Quiz application costs $1.99 and will take up 15.2 MB space on your iPhone or iPod. You can buy the application here.

Cyger has been…

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Team RadioShack iPhone App

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Team RadioShack iPhone App

team radioshack iphone app   Team RadioShack iPhone App

Since the iPhone 4 released today and Tour de France is right around the corner, some of you might enjoy the new Team RadioShack iPhone App. For those of you on the go, or out cycling and want to know what Team RadioShack is up to, this iPhone app will keep you in the loop. You will have access to videos, pictures, and behind the scene footage. Best thing about the app is its free.

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Dahon BioLogic iPhone Bike Mount

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Dahon BioLogic iPhone Bike Mount

dahon biologic iphone bike mount   Dahon BioLogic iPhone Bike Mount

Aside from having the fresh wind brush against your face and the cool air breeze through you, music to your ears with your favorite tunes would just be peachy as you ride your bike. The BioLogic Bike Mount from Dahon is the perfect casing that can hold your Apple iPhone or iPod.

Dahon is banking on the applications like Google map and other GPRS “sat-nav” applications you can download on your iPhone. This can then track your position, calculate speed and distance and other mapping functions.

The case is made to protect any device from outside elements like rain, mud, or sand. It has a mount that uses a plastic Jubilee style strap that allows easy mounting on handlebars with its 6mm Allen key. The mount can also rotate in any direction to accommodate portrait and landscape modes, depending on the user’s discretion.

The BioLogic bike mount

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Electra Bikes iPhone App

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Electra Bikes iPhone App

electra bikes iphone app   Electra Bikes iPhone App

Our friends at Electra Bikes has introduced a new iPhone App that includes 6 Electra collections, download wallpapers, plus you can find a local retailer. One of the best parts of the Electra Bikes iPhone App is the lifestyle portion, where people that own a Electra bike can take pictures and upload them to share with the Electra Way to Roll community. The app is not only available for the iPhone, but for iPods and the new iPad. You can download now for free, have fun.

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