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NC-17 iPhone Bike Mount

pinit fg en rect gray 20   NC 17 iPhone Bike Mount

nc 17 iphone bike mount 300x200   NC 17 iPhone Bike MountA new iPhone bike mount holder comes from NC-17 in 2011. The new iPhone holder is made from 7075 T6 aluminum. It also has an accompanying software to complete the package. NC-17 currently offers the new iPhone bike mount for the iPhone 3 and 4 model.

With the ANT+ wireless technology, NC-17 allows you to turn your iPhone and bike into wireless computer bike. With the Cycling NC-17 App, you can check your speed, cadence, heart rate, power, GPS and more. The standard cycling software is free while a full version of the ANT+ wireless capabilities will cost 5 Euro. You also need to get a NC-17 dongle for 75 Euro.

Retails at 89.95 Euro, the NC-17 iPhone Bike Mount is easy to use and install. It has 3D adjustment without the need for tools, X-Arms clamp, integrated shock absorber and can be set from 0°-90° landscape mode.

Other features include…

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Eurobike iPhone App

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eurobike iphone app 200x300   Eurobike iPhone AppWith Eurobike underway, a new iPhone application for free was launched specifically for the event. The Eurobike App is a handy application to guide visitors in the biggest trade show of the year. It has information from previous Eurobike shows and the current one in Friedrichshafen.

The application is easy to use with index of exhibitors, trademarks and products for searches. It comes in English and German languages. It also has maps for the show, a list of contact details of exhibitors which includes telephone, e-mail, and Internet address. The Eurobike App also features overview of programs for each day of the event. You can also create a personalized “must-see” list on the application.

Aside from those, the Eurobike iPhone application also has a travel planner, shuttle rides, service points and a diary for memos and notes.

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Bike Doctor iPhone App

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bike doctor iphone app   Bike Doctor iPhone AppBike Doctor is the latest cycling application which shows you how to repair a bicycle part from your iPhone or iPod Touch. Created to quelch that fear of not knowing what to do should your bicycle break down, the Bike Doctor shows you all the things you need to know to make sure your ride is kept in working order.

The application is simple and easy to use. You simply point to the bike part you want to repair and the software gives you step-by-step instructions to follow. It even gives you the list of tools you need to use in repair. It is good to note that the tools needed are mostly your basic cycling repair and maintenance tools.

The new application provides different repair and maintenance routines like how to keep your bike lubricated to how to adjust the rear derailleur.

Beginners in the sport will truly appreciate…

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SizeMyBike for optimal geometry

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sizemybike for optimal geometry 163x300   SizeMyBike for optimal geometry

SizeMyBike is a handy application for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. This application is intended for cyclists who are looking to get fitted for a bike. The SizeMyBike application can give you measurements of a frame that matches your body based on the given measurements you input for height, inseam, sternum, arm length, foot length, and shoulder width. From the data given, you may find the frame that can give you optimal performance and geometry.

The software is easy to use. Once uploaded, from the homepage, you may start to create your project. There will be six fields to fill out pertaining to your body’s measurements. The measurements must be in millimeters. You are also required to do the measuring barefoot since some shoes may add several millimeters to your height. After doing this, simply click “calculate”. You also have the option to get the results for racing and…

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Mountain Bike Trails iPhone App

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mountain bike trails iphone app   Mountain Bike Trails iPhone App

Total Square LLC, a software company based out of Austin, TX, has released an iPhone app that would greatly benefit mountain bikers all over the US. The app is called Mountain Bike Trails, and it gives detailed directions to over 5,000 mountain bike trails across the country. The app was built by mountain bikers specifically for mountain bikers. With the Mountain Bike Trails iPhone App, you and your friends will never get lost looking for somewhere to ride! Head over to iTunes to purchase this app for $4.99.

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