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2011 Eddy Merckx EMX-7 Anniversary Limited Edition: $21,000

2011 eddy merckx emx 7 limited edition 21000 road bike   2011 Eddy Merckx EMX 7 Anniversary Limited Edition: $21,000

If you were a world famous cyclists, how would you celebrate your 65th birthday? Eddy Merckx will launch a 2011 EMX-7 Anniversary road bike in celebration of his birthday and 525 victories.

The 2011 Eddy Merckx EMX-7 Anniversary features Merckx’s major wins on special lightweight carbon fiber wheels. This EMX-7 has Xs weaved throughout the frame, internal cable routing, among many more features, making It unlike any other released.

Building the 2011 Eddy Merckx EMX-7 Anniversary Bike was accomplished with three factors in mind. First, the company concentrated on the stiffness in the headtube. From there, designers turned their attentions to the shaping. Lastly, they focused on its aerodynamics.

We were told only 200 will release, and at the time 50 were already sold. What is jaw dropping is the retail price, which comes in at a whopping $21,000! Rumor has it actor/comedian Robin Williams is after…

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2011 Bianchi Volpe

2011 bianchi volpe   2011 Bianchi Volpe

Known as the “all purpose” bike, the 2011 Bianchi Volpe can be used for entry level cyclocross racing, touring, and commuting.

The Bianchi 2011 Volpe is a part of the Gran Fondo series, which consists of classic bikes made of steel.

History for the Volpe dates back years, but despite its roots the 2011 model contains a mixture of Shimano, SRAM and Sugino drivetrain, and other modern components from WTB, Kalloy, Velo, and Cane Creek.

The 2011 Bianchi Volpe is basically the same release from the past 5 years, and will release in cream.

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2011 Fit Bike Co. WiFi

2011 fit bike co wifi1   2011 Fit Bike Co. WiFi

Fit Bike Co shares with us a prototype of the WiFi BMX, designed of high quality, and aiming to meet fair financial grounds.

2011 Fit Bike Co. WiFi was made in Taiwan with Japanese chromoly. This assures for a strong frame at an affordable price that even international market can tap into.

While the process of the prototype 2011 WiFi frame was underway, Fit Bike Co wanted it to weigh in the 5 pound range. in the end, the WiFi weighs in the 4 pound range, beating their expectations.

The geometry for the 2011 WiFi is a straight gauge downtube and top tube, while the top tube tapers into the seat tube for a smooth look, 75 1/2 degree headtube, 11.6 bottom bracket, 8.5 standover type, butted seat tube, and an integrated seat clamp.

When you think of WiFi, technology might come to mind. This is why the 2011 WiFi will use…

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2012 Diamondback Dream Liner Mountain Bike

2012 diamondback dream liner mountain bike   2012 Diamondback Dream Liner Mountain Bike

Diamondback shared an exclusive look at the 2012 Dream Liner, a slope style mountain bike.

The 2012 Diamondback Dream Liner was refined and tested for years, and is set to launch at the end of next year for 2012. Taking a brief glance, you can see the Dream Liner received inspiration from the Mission platform, the only difference in frame between the two is the Dream Liner uses a more compact frame and 4 inches of travel.

Component specifications are not dialed in at this point, but a ton of detail went into the frame, using a knuckle box platform based around the belt crank, cradle shock protected, and single pivot full bar design. Its unique ingenuity enables a low leverage ratio plus low compact design for a better center of gravity and a tighter feel.

After Diamondback finished the 2012 Dream Liner frame, they sent all the numbers to…

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2011 BMC Race Machine RM01 Road Bike

2011 bmc race machine rm01 road bike   2011 BMC Race Machine RM01 Road Bike

Using Swiss design and technology, BMC introduces the 2011 Race Machine RM01 road bike.

The BMC 2011 Race Machine RM01 adopted the Team Machine design, with the triangle shape tubing placed between the top tube and down tube. A sturdy bottom bracket ensures power is transferred to the road and not lost.

A TCC carbon seatpost is used, which absorbs vibration to ensure riding longer periods.

The 2011 BMC Race Machine RM01 features a tapered steerer tube on the TCC fork, adding stiffness and steering precision.

Two colors are available, white and blue, but the interesting part is the component options for each. The 2011 Race Machine in white comes with SRAM and Easton components, and the blue model uses Shimano, Easton, and Mavic.

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2011 Rocky Mountain Solo CXR Cyclocross

2011 rocky mountain solo cxr cyclocross   2011 Rocky Mountain Solo CXR Cyclocross

Rocky Mountain, as you may know, is predominately a mountain bike company. In acknowledging the need to train, however, they will release the 2011 Rocky Mountain Solo CXR cyclocross.

Last year, Rocky Mountain had 3 cross bikes in their line up. In 2011, they will only feature 2. The Rocky Mountain 2011 Solo CXR received input from team riders Geoff Kabush and Alison Sydor. In the end, the Solo CXR is a race cross bike scaled down.

Oval shape tubing is featured at the top tube and down tube, so when lugging the 2011 Solo CXR up hills, it is easier to grab and more comforting to shoulder.

Carbon fiber is used on the seat stays to absorb bumps on the course. Lastly, carbon was also used on the front fork and steer tube.

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Hour BMX Shoes: Analog, Digital, Tourbillon

hour bmx shoes analog digital tourbillon   Hour BMX Shoes: Analog, Digital, Tourbillon

It was an exciting moment for us at InterBike. We had the chance to sit down and view a first-look at the Hour shoe line, designed for BMX and skateboarding. Hour is under the parent company One Eighty, which also umbrellas Volume Bike Co and Demolition bike parts.

Three shoes from Hour made their debut: the Analog, Digital, and Tourbillon. Each pair is named after watch technology, with the analog being the lease expensive model, to the Tourbillon. Inspiration for the line came from all over, the most noticeable being automobiles, art, athletic, dress and importantly bicycles and skating.

Hour will release the Tourbillon first. It is set to drop on March 15th for $70. The Analog will hit stores April 15th for $50. And, the Digital can be purchased on May 15th for $60. Release dates and MSRP was determined by economic times, like paying taxes…

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