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2011 Santa Cruz Stigmata Cross Bike

2011 santa cruz stigmata cross bike   2011 Santa Cruz Stigmata Cross Bike

Named after the wounds on Christ’s body, Santa Cruz showcased their 2011 Stigmata cross bike at InterBike.

The 2011 Santa Cruz Stigmata is constructed of EA6x aluminum tubing, crafted in the USA, and come with replaceable derailleur hangers.

When the 2011 Stigmata frame hit the scales, it weighed in at 1300 grams. Indeed on the light side, but Santa Cruz made it known that it is still strong and can take the abuse dished at it.

Available only as a frame and fork, the Santa Cruz 2011 Stigmata comes in black, white, lime green, seabright blue, chocolate, red and bare (with glossy clean coat).

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2011 Electra Ladies Fashion Cruisers Collection

2011 electra ladies fashion cruisers collection   2011 Electra Ladies Fashion Cruisers Collection

A new collection is upon us from Electra known as the Ladies Fashion Cruisers. In total 7 Electra women cruisers will release, 3 for Fall and 4 for Spring 2011.

All of the 2011 Electra Ladies Fashion Cruisers use playful designs, a mixture of vibrant and pastel colors, Electra’s new patented flat foot technology, and Shimano Nexus internal 3 speed hub with coaster brakes.

The first series will release this month (October), and consists of the Peace 3i, Numbers 3i, and Koi 3i, which all retail for $599.99.

The second series coming in Spring 2011: thee Cherie 3i, Butterfly 3i, Hula 3i, and Flowers 3i. Retailing at the same price ($599.99).

With this collection, Electra and their connection to women and cycling will only grow. We are sure to see ladies riding these not only as a means of exercise, but a fashion accessory.

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Brooks Slender Leather Grips

brooks slender leather grips   Brooks Slender Leather Grips

Brooks is known for clashing elegance and vintage styled products, and what caught our eye is their new Slender leather grips.

Brooks Slender Leather grips use a aluminum structure. Natural corks and leather tape are wrapped around it. You can also replace the leather tape if it gets cut or you want a different color.

Previously released is the Brooks Plump leather grips, which are made of recycled leather. When comparing the Slender and Plump grips, the Slender is much lighter (the name gives it away as well).

Three colors are available: black, light brown, and dark brown. Retail is $80.

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2011 BMC Team Machine SLR01 Road Bike

2011 bmc team machine slr01 road bike   2011 BMC Team Machine SLR01 Road Bike

Next to the Impec is the 2011 BMC Team Machine SLR01. The Team Machine was rode by BMC Racing Team member George Hincapie.

The BMC 2011 Team Machine SLR01 combines top quality carbon materials. The seat stays, forks and seatpost are TCC. TCC absorbs vibrations and adds comfort to the 2011 Team Machine.

Two colors, white and red, are available for the 2011 BMC Team Machine. Both colors come with their own groupset. The white Team Machine features SRAM Red, and the red utilizes Campagnolo Super Record.

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2011 Free Agent Eluder BMX

2011 free agent eluder bmx   2011 Free Agent Eluder BMX

The Free Agent Eluder has been around for about 12 years now, and for 2011 the Eluder still lives up to one of the best priced BMX race bikes on the market.

Anyone that is starting to race bmx, ride trails, or just love to ride around on a BMX, the 2011 Free Agent Eluder is worth a test ride.

The Free Agent 2011 Eluder frame is made of 6061 aluminum, using square chainstays, CNC dropouts, and a 20.5 top tube. Also equipped with Weinmann black alloy rims, 3-piece Hollow CrMo cranks, and Tektro 930AL pull brakes.

Your color options for the 2011 Eluder are rad max red, infinite black, and sub lime. Retail is $289.

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2011 Santa Cruz Butcher Mountain Bike

2011 santa cruz butcher mountain bike   2011 Santa Cruz Butcher Mountain Bike

Santa Cruz named one of its popular “All Mountain” bikes after one of its favorite trails, the Butcher Ranch Trail. We know the bike simply as Butcher. At InterBike 2010, Santa Cruz presented the 2011 Butcher.

The 2011 Santa Cruz Butcher uses the companies newest suspension platform, the APP, which is combined with a single pivot. Using a 150mm of travel, the 2011 Butcher features an aluminum frame, hydroformed tubing, tapered headtube, and ISCG05 mounts.

For the Santa Cruz 2011 Butcher setup at InterBike: It weighs 30.32 pounds and consists of a RP23 rear shock, Lyric SA RC2 DH fork, and SPX AM kit.

Colors available are black, white, lime green, seabright blue, chocolate, red with a powder coat finish.

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Brooks Select Organic Saddles

brooks select organic saddles   Brooks Select Organic Saddles

If you love touring on your bike enough to rack up 10,000 to 20,000 miles a year, the new Brooks Select saddles might be right up your alley.

Brooks worked with a couple different cow farms in Sweden for organic cowhide. The cows used roamed in open fields away from trees, resulting in a clean cowhide with no blemishes. Still, each Select is unique looking because of this process.

Towards the back of the Brooks Select saddles are hand pounded rivets, a unique process featured on most Brooks.

Each saddle is very tough, and is claimed to last twice as long as other Brooks saddles on the market.

Retail price starts at $195.

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