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2011 Identiti Persona Urban Commuter Single Speed

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Identiti Persona Urban Commuter Single Speed

2011 identiti persona urban commuter single speed   2011 Identiti Persona Urban Commuter Single Speed

Identiti has used its exclusive Identiti Persona frame along with topnotch components to come up with an excellent urban fixie single speed bike, which allows riders to enhance and ride in their own personal style. Aside from its simplicity, this bike is strong and speedy.

With Taper Lock dropouts and BMX influenced double butted tubing, the Identiti Persona frame maintains smooth styling and reduced weight. On the other hand, the frame enhances usability and provides extra strength.

BMX influenced strength, low-slung classic geometry, and silky looks are combined by the exclusive Identiti FFX fork. For riders who are looking for a nice complete urban fixie bike, the 2011 Identiti Persona Urban Commuter Single Speed makes for a great choice.

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Identiti Persona 2010 Frame

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Identiti Persona 2010 Frame

identiti persona 2010 frame   Identiti Persona 2010 Frame

After time spent on research and development, Identiti shows us the new Persona 2010 frame. The Identiti Persona 2010 Frame is made for fixed gear freestyle, and will be available between February and March 2010. Influenced from Mountain bike and BMX frames, the Persona is lightweight, and is constructed to handle harder use you may endure. Identiti changed the classic fixed gear frame geometry to allow more space to preform bar spins and other tricks, and a box gusset for added strength. Upon purchasing a sticker set is included but comes separate in case you do not want them on the frame. Weighing in at 5.1 pounds and will come in your choice of matte black, metallic orange and chrome plate with three sizes available: 49.4 cm, 51.4 cm, and 53.4 cm. Retail price is £275.00 (about $440 USD), and…

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