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2012 Ibis Tranny Carbon Fiber Hardtail Mountain Bike

2012 ibis tranny carbon fiber hardtail mountain bike   2012 Ibis Tranny Carbon Fiber Hardtail Mountain Bike

Ibis Cycles has unveiled a new carbon fiber hardtail mountain bike called Tranny for 2012. A first glance, this mountain bike looks simple. However, a closer look will reveal that this new machine has a lot to offer and it is perfect for serious mountain bike riders.

The first thing that the Tranny can pride itself on is its carbon monocoque frame, which is one of the most versatile ones available on the market today. Though one of the most lightweight mountain bikes ever made, the Tranny stuns riders with its exceptional strength and performance on the trail.

Built from high modulus carbon, the frame of the 2012 Ibis Tranny Carbon Fiber Hardtail Mountain Bike weighs only 1.4kg. The entire bike weighs in at 8.62kg. It is available in four sizes and offers singlespeed and geared compatibilities.

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2011 Ibis Hakkalügi Cyclocross Frame

2011 ibis hakkalugi cyclocross frame   2011 Ibis Hakkalügi Cyclocross Frame

Back and ready for the cyclocross season for 2011 is the Ibis Hakkalügi. With its greatly reduced weight, the frame features enhanced accelerations and reduced tedious shouldering during repetitive dismounts. Partly due to the sleek tube joints, the Hakkalugi is constructed as a carbon fiber monocoque structure.

Light weight and uncompromising strength are guaranteed by the entire frame, which is not only made with pre-impregnated carbon fiber sheet but also hand-rolled around silicone forms. Moreover, the frame was put and thoroughly baked into a steel mold to achieve unified structure.

Ready to tackle dirt roads, trail rides, and the severity of cyclocross is the 2011 Ibis Hakkalugi Cyclocross Frame. It is available in six sizes from 47 to 61cm and in two colors, Black Lung and Phlegmish Yellow. Required for the frame is a Campagnolostyle Hiddenset headset.

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2011 Ibis Mojo SL-R Mountain Bike

2011 ibis mojo sl r mountain bike   2011 Ibis Mojo SL R Mountain Bike

Combining the advantages from the HD and the SL, the 2011 Ibis Mojo SL-R Mountain Bike has great features to boast technically and visually. Fixed at 140mm of travel, this mountain bike shares the same geometry with the SL. With Fox’s Kashima Coat RP23, the frame weighs 4.9lbs.

One of the best features of the Ibis is the new frame construction technology, which makes the bike super light but still keeps almost all of the HD’s strength and stiffness. Stronger and stiffer than the SL, the Ibis can resist severe forces.

Excellent for mountain biking, the lightweight but trail-crushing 2011 Ibis Mojo SL-R guarantees reliable race performance. With QR ease of wheel removal and installation, high axle stiffness is offered by the 142mm Maxle rear axle.

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Ibis Mojo HD 2010 Full Suspension Mountain Bike

ibis mojo hd 2010 full suspension mountain bike 1   Ibis Mojo HD 2010 Full Suspension Mountain Bike

The Ibis Mojo HD 2010 is the older brother to the Mojo and Mojo SL, due to the 160mm of rear wheel travel, 20mm more than the other Ibis Mojo’s. Ibis Mojo HD 2010 Full Suspension Mountain Bike is constructed of carbon, and was first introduced in 2005, but the HD for 2010 allows riders to have another level of skill and to tear up whatever the mountains throw at you. The Ibis Mojo HD frame only weighs 6.3 pounds, which is a half pound more than the Mojo. Two different geometry setups are available depending if you want 160mm or 180mm of travel, and much like the previous models, the HD utilizes new molds and layups for the front triangle and swingarm. Comes in white, matte black and clear carbon finish with the links featuring red, blue and black and a more…

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