pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Velocomp iBike Powerhouse Cycling Computer

2012 velocomp ibike powerhouse cycling computer   2012 Velocomp iBike Powerhouse Cycling Computer
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Velocomp makes a history for 2012 by unveiling the very first intelligent cycling computer called iBike Powerhouse. This innovative cycling gadget enables cyclists to safely listen to music and even to take phone calls while riding. Its patented electronics calculates all cycling measurements, including power.

Designed for iPhone and iPod touch applications, the iBike Powerhouse offers a system that comes with a universal mounting system, wireless speed/cadence sensor, a water and shock-resistant case both for iPhone and for iPod, as well as an iOS app that interacts with best online casino the electronics of iBike’s.

What is special about the 2012 Velocomp iBike Powerhouse Cycling Computer is its ability to fine-tune automatically to the exercise goal of the user. Nothing can measure, direct, and stimulate riders to accomplish their fitness goals the way this cycling computer does.

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