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2011 Ibera PakRak Commuter Bike Bag and Rack

2011 ibera pakrak commuter bike bag and rack   2011 Ibera PakRak Commuter Bike Bag and Rack

One hot item for urban commuters this 2011 is the Ibera PakRak Commuter. This bike cargo system is perfect for riders who do not want to carry a messenger bag. Compared to a typical backpack or messenger bag, a combination of a bike bag and rack can carry more things.

All the compartments are very useful especially in organizing the rider’s gear. Clipping and unclipping the pack on the bike are very easy with the front’s plastic tongue that fits well into the rack and the back’s quick release clip that secures it. Its excellent build quality features a durable hard plastic bottom.

With the 2011 Ibera PakRak Commuter Bike Bag and Rack, commuters who run errands, go to work, or carry stuff around town enjoy much convenience. Convenience is optimized by the details of this cargo system. The only downside is its waterproof quality, which is not perfectly reliable….

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Ibera RideBot Bike Stand + Multi Tool Set

ibera ridebot bike stand multi tool set   Ibera RideBot Bike Stand + Multi Tool Set

The Taipei International Cycling Show on March 17-20 is an exhibit that will have bicycle manufacturers around the world to meet and converge. The exhibit will cover complete bicycles, bicycle parts and accessories and light electric vehicles (LEV). As one of the exhibitors, Ibera will be there to unveil their newest innovation, the RideBot.

The RideBot is every cyclist’s solution for the difficulty on finding bike stands. No more looking in vain for a place where you can lean you bike to, because the RideBot is a portable bike stand. It is attached underneath one of your bike’s pedal and functions like a block that holds your bike in place.

Similar to how a Swiss army knife works, the RideBot can also do more than just support your bike. It also has an 11-function multi-tool which is made up of two detachable tyre levers, a Torx T25 driver, seven Allen keys, Phillips…

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