pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Scapin Hysak

2011 scapin hysak   2011 Scapin Hysak

Built with the latest technology, the 2011 Scapin Hysak is special in many aspects. The bike’s seatpost, press-fit bottom bracket, frameset, and internal cable routing are all hi-tech and of topnotch quality. In support of its elaborate design, the seatpost features Scapin’s CNC machined and anodised ‘S-way’ seat mount.

With regards to the press-fit bottom bracket, a combination of Scapin’s press-fit design combined and the Ultra Torque bearing option and custom-bearing offers the benefits of an extremely clean interface. The Toray carbon used by its frameset comes with an intricate 1k weave.

Another unique feature of the 2011 Scapin Hysak is its internal cable routing. Unlike other internally-routed bikes that leave dirt at the BB, Scapin uses ‘Inside-w’ cover to keep things internal and keep dirt out.

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