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2011 Camelbak The Capo Hydration Pack

2011 camelbak the capo hydration pack   2011 Camelbak The Capo Hydration Pack

Camelbak has released a mid-sized pack called The Capo, which is included in its latest 2011 line of all-mountain/freeride hydration packs. With a hydration capacity of 100 oz (3 L) and a total capacity of 854 cu in (14 L), The Capo is available in two sizes, large The Don and small The Consigliere.

Key features of the hydration pack are the ventilated shoulder straps, the perforated cushions, and sweat protectors. Its reservoir features include dryer arms, lightweight fillport, quick-seal cap, center baffling and low-profile design.

Its wide-mouth opening is easy to clean and hydration is guaranteed efficient. Aside from suitable storage, the 2011 Camelbak The Capo Hydration Pack also takes pride in its enhanced durability and comfort. Other features are the stash pocket, MP3 + media pocket, and full-face helmet.

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2011 TorHans Aero30 Hydration Unit

2011 torhans aero30 hydration unit   2011 TorHans Aero30 Hydration Unit

Founded by an entrepreneur and two passionate cyclists, the TorHans company aims to recreate poorly designed hydration units with a great amount of aerodynamic research. One of its newest products is the TorHans Aero30 Hydration Unit 2011.

The Aero30 has dual mounting channels and a trailing edge that give it great aerodynamic features, making the Aero30 match the head tube of almost any triathlon bike on the market. The dual mounting channels permit the mounting of a computer or utility holder that could contain a CPU, power meter, or energy gels. Also, the bottle can contain 30oz of liquid and the XFlow cap allowing more convenience. With the Aero30, riders do not have to worry about spilling and sloshing. It is also easier to refill at long course aid stations when the bottle is emptied.

The straw of the TorHans Aero30 Hydration Unit has a well-designed aero sleeve that masks…

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High5 Hydration Tablets: Zero, Zero Xtreme

high5 hydration tablets 300x143   High5 Hydration Tablets: Zero, Zero XtremeHigh5 introduces hydration tablets called Zero and Zero X’treme which packs a whole lot of energy with almost zero calories to your energy drinks. The electrolyte drinks are rich in sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. They are simple to use. You take a tablet and dissolve it in water and you now have an energy drink to last you for your ride.

Zero boasts only having 1.4 calories per 100ml. With one tube, you have 20 tablets which equates to 15 liters of energy-boosting electrolyte drink. High5 also conducted a study which shows that people who take Zero burned 41% more fat after their workouts.

The Zero X’treme has added 65mg of caffeine in the hydration tablet to give you your needed caffeine fix while on the road. Both Zero and Zero X’treme can minimize occurrence of cramps as well. Zero comes in three flavors of cherry-orange, citrus and berry.

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