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2012 Ridgeback Velocity Hybrid Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Ridgeback Velocity Hybrid Bike

2012 ridgeback velocity hybrid bike   2012 Ridgeback Velocity Hybrid Bike

Ridgeback has finally entered the market of rugged and sporty hybrid bicycles by introducing the new Velocity bike for 2012. Very lightweight, the 6061 double-butted aluminum frame is stopped and propelled by the reliable Acera 24-speed components from Shimano.

Aside from being puncture-resistant, the Continental Contact tires also roll very fast. The wheels, which wear first-class German rubber fashion, combine light weight and sturdiness. By adding mudguards and a rack, the bike can be used for regular commuting.

Riders who are looking for a sporty ride at a reasonable price will love the 2012 Ridgeback Velocity Hybrid Bike. With its amazing versatility, the Velocity can tackle various rides from intermediate-distance road rides to more relaxed excursions.

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2011 PiCycle Hybrid Electric Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 PiCycle Hybrid Electric Bike

2011 picycle hybrid electric bike   2011 PiCycle Hybrid Electric Bike

For a special riding experience, a unique and hi-tech bike is needed such as the 2011 PiCycle Hybrid Electric Bike. The latest model from Pi Mobility, PiCycle features the brand’s signature arch frame, which is aluminum heat-treated monocoque, with a simplified design.

With integrated Wi-Fi-based technology, riders monitor the bike’s performance from a distance and track it once stolen. Inside the arch frame of the electric bike is a 10 amp hour lithium-ion battery, which offers power to a front-mounted 750 watt/36 volt brushless DC motor.

For an average single charge, the 2011 PiCycle Hybrid Electric Bike can reach up to 20 miles with a recharge time of three and a half hours. Also featured by this hi-tech machine is a belt drive system, hydraulic brakes, a suspension seat post, a lacquer finish, and an internal hub transmission with shift-on-the-fly capabilities.

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2011 Scott Sportster 30 Hybrid Sports Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Scott Sportster 30 Hybrid Sports Bike

2011 scott sportster 30 hybrid sports bike   2011 Scott Sportster 30 Hybrid Sports Bike

Both a good urban riding bike and a long distance cruiser, the 2011 Scott Sportster 30 Hybrid Sports bike is great for touring and transportation. A smooth ride and plenty of standover clearance is guaranteed by its Sportster 6061 alloy frame.

The frame eyelets of the 2011 Scott Sportster 30 Hybrid Sports bike allows for easy mounting of the Urban-Kit rack and fender system. Through this, riders can conveniently carry their things. Aside from guaranteeing total strength, the alloy frame reduces the Scott Sportster 30‘s weight and makes it rigid enough to keep acceleration without compromising comfort.

For a smooth and powerful ride, the Scott Sportster features an absorbent front fork, Shimano gears, and hydraulically operated disc brakes. Schwalbe also provides the Scott Sportster 30 a good grip with the Smart Sam tires, which can perform well on various surfaces….

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Currie Izip Express Hybrid E Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Currie Izip Express Hybrid E Bike

currie izip express hybrid e bike   Currie Izip Express Hybrid E Bike

A combination of human and electric power for your bike? This is what Currie’s Izip Express brings to the table. Using the Evo Drive technology, this could be the future of bicycles.

The process works even if it does not seem to. The cyclist turns the hub forward right while the electric motor goes to the opposite direction, backward left. Larry Pizzie, president of Currie Technologies, explains that it is similar as to how a Prius functions to combine its electric and gas motors.

Pizzie adds, “It relies on the differential drive technology developed by Michael Kutter and his company Dolphin, and some tricky hub technology from Sturmey-Archer to pull it off.”

Evo Drive is the result of Sturney’s patented hybrid drive rear hub and Dolphin’s patented pedal-electric hybrid drive system. Sturney’s rear hub results in a dual input planetary drive that takes in human and electric power. A transmission that is used…

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Specialized Deflect Hybrid Jacket

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Specialized Deflect Hybrid Jacket

specialized deflect hybrid jacket   Specialized Deflect Hybrid Jacket

The Specialized Deflect Hybrid Jacket is a great winter time jacket, and its also good if you’re not sure how the weather will be on a given day. The jacket is fully water and wind proof, and the sleeves are removable in case it’s a little warm. It is made with lightweight polyester, in stretch woven construction for a comfortable, form-fitting fit. It features a zip chest pocket and a single back pocket for storing little odds-n-ends. Reflective trim on the back of the jacket makes sure you stay seen while on the road. You can purchase the Specialized Deflect Hybrid Jacket at the Specialized online shop for $100….

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