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Hutchinson Serenity No-Flat Tire System

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Hutchinson Serenity No Flat Tire System

hutchinson serenity no flat tire system 204x300   Hutchinson Serenity No Flat Tire System

Hutchinson tires unveils the Serenity, an airless tire system which boasts of a flat-proof ride. Developed together with Biron Engineering, the Serenity is not one solid rubber tire. Instead, it is made with a microcell foam that is a light, strong and durable composite structure with 50psi.

The new Serenity tires means no more air pressure maintenance because the tires don’t have air in them. It has low rolling resistance and has no rim beads.

Hutchinson also reduces waste materials with the Serenity and provides you the option to mix and match the treads to your desired composite structures. There is also a wide range of colors to choose from and although a 700c version is still in development, there are now 20, 24 and 26 inch versions of the tire.

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Fusion 3 Hutchinson Tires

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Fusion 3 Hutchinson Tires

fusion 3 hutchinson tires 165x300   Fusion 3 Hutchinson TiresHutchinson combines puncture resistance, with the best grip and performance in the Fusion 3 tires. Weighing less than the Fusion 2 by 10 grams, the Fusion 3 is only 210 grams for its 700x23c size.

It features a triple thermoplastic rubber compound. The hard rubber at its center, making it resistant to wear and tear. It also lowers the rolling resistance of the tire. To provide better performance, the Fusion 3 has a softer intermediate rubber to make sure that the tension felt on the tire is distributed evenly. The lateral rubber is very soft to allow a strong grip at the tightest of corners.

The Kevlar Pro-Tech layer is at work to make sure that punctures are less likely to occur. The Kevlar reinforcement is found between the tread and the 127tpi casing.

The tires come in colors black, silver, yellow, red, blue, pink and ivory. A RoadTubeless is also…

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Hutchinson Road, Mountain, Cyclocross Tires

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Hutchinson Road, Mountain, Cyclocross Tires

hutchinson road tires 1 165x300   Hutchinson Road, Mountain, Cyclocross TiresHutchinson debuts quite a number of upgraded new tires for all types of riding along with the new RTI carbon clincher road tubeless wheelset. As of the latest reports, the Atom and Fusion are soon to be shipped out with new tints. The Hutchinson Cobra’s 29” models are now on the drawing boards for finishing touches and soon to be introduced in the spring of 2011, while the Toro currently has a new 2.35 size for both 26 inch and 29 inch models.

The German Off-Road Series now permits 29ers in their races, as a line of 29” models are being designed for the mountain bikes that go underway. A rise in the demand for big wheel mountain bikes has indicated a substantial increase in the German market.

Top of the line models now at Hutchinson are the new carbon bead (versus Kevlar) of Bulldog and Piranha CX Cyclocross tires….

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Hutchinson Atom Clincher Tire

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Hutchinson Atom Clincher Tire

hutchinson atom clincher   Hutchinson Atom Clincher TireThere’s been a new change in the Hutchinson Atom Clincher Tire who first came out in the market in Road Tubeless guise. They have launched it in a conventional TT or the tube type format which can be easily accessed in the market.

The new changes of this product is the shape of it’s bead-cross section. Thus it now looks like every other TT clincher but with carbon fiber beads instead of the Kevlar fibers that were used in making tires. Less elastic, this carbon bead is much more lighter than the old Kevlar fiber making it secure when it is fitted.

Also, a few changes includes the taking off of the airtight butyl rubber on the inside of the Road Tubeless version thus taking off a 75g weight on the tire itself.

The Atom Comp which is now 195g is good for a 23c tire using a thick…

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Hutchinson Tires for RadioShack

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Hutchinson Tires for RadioShack

its hutchinson tires for radioshack   Hutchinson Tires for RadioShack

Team RadioShack has partnered with Hutchinson and will be using their tires for the team’s upcoming events. Hutchinson tires have earned a reputation for being (arguably) the best bicycle tires in the world, and are known for being the winningest tires in the Tour de France with seven titles.

RadioShack is counting on this winning streak to contribute to their own success, and Julien DeVriese, the team mechanic, heartily agrees. “We are ecstatic to have Hutchinson Tires return to our bikes,” he says. DeVriese adds that the tires are of the highest quality and are able to provide excellent protection against flats. “No other tire on the market compares.”

Hutchinson is providing a choice collection of tires for Team RadioShack, including the Intensive 25cm tires for training and Carbon Comp tubular tires for races. The company is also developing new Road Tubeless tires in time…

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