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SRAM Launches New Generation Gear Hubs

pinit fg en rect gray 20   SRAM Launches New Generation Gear Hubs

sram introduces new generation gear hubs   SRAM Launches New Generation Gear Hubs

A new line of mechanical system gear hubs have been recently launched by SRAM. The new 2-speed gear hub from SRAM is the first from the new generation gear hubs. These all-new hubs will come in all versions such as freewheel, disc, roller brake compatible and coaster in the form of steel or alloy hub shells. This 2-speed hub will automatically shift depending on speed and wheel size without the use of fancy electronics.

Initially, SRAM has said that the 2-speed hub will be best suited for folding bikes. But SRAM has expressed their willingness to expand its benefits and spec’ed it for other bike types.

Mass production of the said new generation gear hubs will start this May of 2011 and will be available by summer of this year.

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Velocity A23 Race Wheelset & Hubs

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Velocity A23 Race Wheelset & Hubs

velocity a23 race wheelset hubs   Velocity A23 Race Wheelset & Hubs

Velocity has announced the release of the A23 race wheelset and hubs, and are fitting for road and cyclocross.

While Velocity strives and succeeds to make wheels and hubs of the finest quality, you can except nothing less with the A23 wheelset and hubs.

The A23 rear hub is designed with 51% larger side flange height. With the larger than normal flange, it adds precise tension and a symmetric wheel for a stronger and stiffer ride. Fitting 23mm wide tires for keeping the convenience of a clincher, and increasing cornering abilities.

The A23 rim alone weighs 426 grams, and the pro build (using with Sapim CX-Ray Spokes, alloy nipples) weighs 1400 grams.

Front A23 hub weighs 78 grams, and is available in 20, 24 and 28 holes. Rear A23 hub weighs in at 256 grams, and is available in 24, 28, and 32 hole drillings. For more information, visit…

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Leader Cyclone Track Hubs

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Leader Cyclone Track Hubs

leader cyclone track hubs   Leader Cyclone Track Hubs

Leader Bikes just released the new Cyclone Track hubs, with your choice of polished or black anodized. The Leader Cyclone Track Hubs are single sided track threaded, manufactured Japanese bearings, and a allen bolt system to lock into the frame. The black set features a red Leader logo, and the silver uses a black logo, which both stands out on their respective color. Retail price for the 36 hole count is $119.00, while the 48 will run you $10 more ($129.00).

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All-City New Sheriff Hubs

pinit fg en rect gray 20   All City New Sheriff Hubs

all city new sheriff hubs 300x250   All City New Sheriff HubsAll-City releases its New Sheriff hubs in colors of black and silver. The hubs were specifically designed to meet the demands of the modern fixed gear rider. Made with 6061 T6 aluminum for the hub shell, it is compatible with gauge spokes 13 through 15. The flange design was based on Campagnolo’s “sheriff start” hubs and allows for a stiffer wheel. This also means lower spoke stress.

The New Sheriff hubs have an oversized axle of 15mm in diameter. With 6902 sealed bearings from Japa, you can be assured it will service you for a long while. You can also modify it with stainless custom mounting with a 15mm box end or 6mm hex.

All-City New Sheriff front hubs weigh 226 grams while the rear hubs weighs 270 grams. For fixed/free, there are 32-hole versions in stock. 36-hole versions are also available for fixed/fixed and fixed/free. For pricing, check out…

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Colony Clone Cassette Hubs

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Colony Clone Cassette Hubs

colony clone cassette hubs   Colony Clone Cassette Hubs

Colony recently came out with a new product that signifies the vibrant personalities of every female. New clone hubs that are deemed to be in the same quality as all their products, the clone cassette hubs (female axle) are your ultimate eye candy.

The Colony Clone Cassette Hubs has a special axle design that is feminine with 14mm axle protruding into drop outs by 3mm. The aim here is to get that clean and strong look for women. It has 10mm CrMo and 17mm hex head bolts. You may use 10mm versions on the rear if you decide to run pegs on them.

The drivers have polymer bushing bearing for durability and long lasting performance. It comes with a standard 9T driver and there are RHD and LHD versions of the clone hubs. They weigh only 415 grams.

With women BMX riders as their target market, the clone cassette hubs…

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Phil Wood Road Hubs

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Phil Wood Road Hubs

phil wood road hubs   Phil Wood Road Hubs

Phil Wood road hubs brings to the table durability plus an overall smooth ride, and comes in 28, 32, and 26 spoke counts. A huge price difference between the front hub and rear hub, while the front sits nicely centered for the rim, and is optimized for 700c wheels. Phil Wood rear road cassette is available in 130 and 135mm spacing, while you can use with Shimano 8, 9 and 10 speed cassettes. You can purchase custom Phil Wood road hubs, giving you the opportunity to get custom hole counts. Lastly, Phil Wood offers a freewheel hub that is available in 120, 126, 130, and 135mm. Retail is $143 for the front hub and $409 for the rear hub.

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