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Hubless, Reversible ‘Twist Bike’ by Jose Hurtado

hubless twist bike by jose hurtado   Hubless, Reversible Twist Bike by Jose Hurtado

Jose Hurtado is the brain behind the Twist Bike, a bike designed hubless with reversible capabilities. In addition to its unorthodox qualities, the Twist Bike can be connected to other Twists for a chain of tandem riding riders.

A minimalism design was deployed on all aspects. Nothing about this bike is conventional, except for its functionality. Even its gearing system takes on a modern, chic form.

Highly versatility with plenty to wow, the hubless Twist Bike definitely earns a place in our book for design and innovation. Which of its features rank highest for you?

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Hubless Road Bike Concept by Bradford Waugh

hubless road bike concept bradford waugh   Hubless Road Bike Concept by Bradford Waugh

After showing the Hubless BMX Bike, another concept bike is floating around the net, this time a Hubless road bike by Bradford Waugh. Instead of using some sort of magnet, the Hubless Road Bike Concept pictured will use geared rollers for a smooth ride. More interesting than the hubs, the crankset is hooked up to a roller which will power the hubs. Click below for a few more images.

Source: BikeRumor

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