pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Vittoria Hora Road Racing Shoes

2012 vittoria hora road racing shoes   2012 Vittoria Hora Road Racing Shoes

Italian brand Vittoria has introduced two road racing shoes for 2012, one of which is the Hora. Aside from the combinations of 27 lengths and 4 widths, the shoes are also available in a multi-length option for those with different feet sizes.

For riders who prefer an elite racing shoe Italian quality with the best performance, the Hora shoe is the ideal item. By using a dial to fine-tune fit, the micrometric cable closure system of the Hora makes its fit exact and safe.

Four-channel ventilation is provided by its full carbon unidirectional air system sole. While offering a new graphic, the 2012 Vittoria Hora Road Racing Shoes still remains unchanged in terms of technique. The Hora is definitely a perfect combination of fashion and performance.

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