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2011 Hope Defcon DH Short

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Hope Defcon DH Short

2011 hope defcon dh short1   2011 Hope Defcon DH Short

New this 2011 is the Hope Apparel range, which is a product of two UK companies’ collaboration. In cooperation with Endura, the Hope design team and riders came up with excellent cycling garments that include the Hope Defcon DH Shorts.

Designed with serious riders in mind, the cycling shorts are ideal for professional and amateur riders alike. Aside from the combined knit fabric and durable stretch, the bike short guarantees better articulation thanks to its nice rib fabric at the crotch and rear rib fabric lumber stretch.

A well-thought-out nbso bike short, the 2011 Hope Defcon DH Shorts are a must-have garment for serious riders. Extra comfort and durability are guaranteed by its amazing features, which include deep front pockets, waist adjusters, zip and popper fastening at front fly, and sublimation printed panels.

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Hope Race X2 Disc Brake

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Hope Race X2 Disc Brake

hope race x2 disc brake   Hope Race X2 Disc Brake

Dubbed as the lightest brake available on the market right now, the Hope Race X2 Disc Brake system is definitely a great addition whenever you plan on going on a cross-country race.

For the new X2 disc brakes, Hope has gone and completely redesigned their next brake in order to prove that they are worthy of being considered one of the best bike brake maker.

Scaling down and removing as much weight as possible from their single sided Mini Pro master calliper and cylinder, Hope is hoping to give better performance for riders who would like to get their money’s worth.

The new brake has also been given an alloy-spider disc that’s wafer thin and some neat and totally study titanium fixings.

Another note worthy detail about this incredible looking disc brake? When you opt to put in the aforementioned titanium fixings and thin alloy spiders, the brake disc system…

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Hope Vision 1 LED Front Light

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Hope Vision 1 LED Front Light

hope vision 1 led front light   Hope Vision 1 LED Front Light

Illuminate your path with the new Hope Vision 1 LED Front Light for your bike. Safely travel through dark roads at night with the powerful light from this great LED front light.

This reliable lighting equipment from Hope has a maximum brightness of 240 lumens and uses a single LED light bulb. The Hope vision front light also has a boasted maximum of 36 hours and minimum of 3 hours for the burn time.

It’s one of the more heavier lights as it would require you a total of 4 AA batteries. This bright light weighs 110 grams without the batteries and can be easily attached to either your helmet or the bike’s handlebar thanks to its easy mount.

Heavy duty is the keyword for this front light. As compared to the other types of front lights available on the market right now, the Hope Vision continues to burn…

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2011 Hope Integrated Cassette

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Hope Integrated Cassette

2011 hope components 1 300x201   2011 Hope Integrated CassetteFor early 2011, Hope introduces its integrated cassette with a retail price of £150. The new cassette has an integrated free hub. It’s designed to be matched with Hope Pro 2 and Pro 3 hub wheels. What makes the cassette stand out is that the free hub body and sprockets are already part of each other.

As per Hope, the total weight of a Pro 2 wheel with the integrated cassette is 20g lighter than that of SRAM XX fitted sprockets and free hub. The new Hope cassette is definitely more affordable and you won’t have to worry about free hub splines any longer. There is also no need for a lockring to hold the sprockets. You now have the option to use a 9T cog, extending your cassette’s range and you can also drop a chainring from the front to even go lighter.

The 2011 Hope Integrated Cassette has a…

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Hope Seat Clamp And QR 2009

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Hope Seat Clamp And QR 2009

   Hope Seat Clamp And QR 2009

The Hope Seat Clamp And QR 2009 has been redesigned this year, now allowing for a universal installation. Either bolted or QR can be used on the same collar, making it a convenient collar for all bikes. A new size of 30mm has also been added. Six colors are available; silver, gunsmoke, blue, red, black, and gold. Available sizes are 28.6, 30, 31.8, 34.9, 36.4, and 38.5mm. You can purchase the Hope Seat Clamp And QR 2009 at Chain Reaction Cycles for $26.06….

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