pinit fg en rect gray 20   Hope Vision 1 LED Front Light

hope vision 1 led front light   Hope Vision 1 LED Front Light

Illuminate your path with the new Hope Vision 1 LED Front Light for your bike. Safely travel through dark roads at night with the powerful light from this great LED front light.

This reliable lighting equipment from Hope has a maximum brightness of 240 lumens and uses a single LED light bulb. The Hope vision front light also has a boasted maximum of 36 hours and minimum of 3 hours for the burn time.

It’s one of the more heavier lights as it would require you a total of 4 AA batteries. This bright light weighs 110 grams without the batteries and can be easily attached to either your helmet or the bike’s handlebar thanks to its easy mount.

Heavy duty is the keyword for this front light. As compared to the other types of front lights available on the market right now, the Hope Vision continues to burn…

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