pinit fg en rect gray 20   Hope Race X2 Disc Brake

hope race x2 disc brake   Hope Race X2 Disc Brake

Dubbed as the lightest brake available on the market right now, the Hope Race X2 Disc Brake system is definitely a great addition whenever you plan on going on a cross-country race.

For the new X2 disc brakes, Hope has gone and completely redesigned their next brake in order to prove that they are worthy of being considered one of the best bike brake maker.

Scaling down and removing as much weight as possible from their single sided Mini Pro master calliper and cylinder, Hope is hoping to give better performance for riders who would like to get their money’s worth.

The new brake has also been given an alloy-spider disc that’s wafer thin and some neat and totally study titanium fixings.

Another note worthy detail about this incredible looking disc brake? When you opt to put in the aforementioned titanium fixings and thin alloy spiders, the brake disc system…

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