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2012 Chrome Stock Cobra Hoodie

2012chrome stock cobra hoodie   2012 Chrome Stock Cobra Hoodie

For riders who do not mind spending on a quite pricey but high-quality cycling garment, the 2012 Chrome Stock Cobra Hoodie is online viagra recommended. In particular, tall and thin riders will find the long cut and cycling-oriented fit of this hoodie perfect.

Built from moleskin cotton, the Stock Cobra Hoodie is distinctly soft and fluffy. In addition, the moleskin cotton material is a heavy fabric that has a dense weave. Thus, it is not only soft but is also very wind-resistant, warm, and durable.

All of the hoodie’s pockets have zippered closures. Across the lower back is a cargo pocket and on the right sleeve is another pocket for keys. There are also two pockets for keeping the hands warm.


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Rab Shadow Hoodie Jacket

rab shadow hoodie jacket   Rab Shadow Hoodie Jacket

A great cycling garment that can be worn year round is the Rab Shadow Hoodie Jacket. Though not originally designed for riding, it has qualities that are perfect for winter and summer rides. Well put together, this garment can tackle any tough rides just like a sturdy bike.

Though quite pricey, this jacket is very multifunctional. During chilly conditions, the Rab Shadow Hoodie can be worn under a waterproof shell or down jacket as a mid-layer over a base layer. But in summer, it can function as an outer layer during the cool evening. It has some nice thumb loops, too.

Made from Polartec Windpro and Hardface technology, the Rab Shadow Hoodie Jacket offers both warmth and resistance from water. It can survive numerous washes after several muddy rides without easily getting frayed. However, its stretchiness will be great for slim riders but not for those with fuller…

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Puma x Vexed Cycling Hoodie

puma x vexed cycling hoodie2   Puma x Vexed Cycling Hoodie

Puma and Vexed have partnered up to bring urban cyclists a hoodie that offers riders face protections from the bitter cold. The all black hoodie features a full face mask with a removable filters. The hoodie also incorporated reflective piping for safety. To guard against water that’s been kicked up from riding or falling rain, a special flap was integrated into the design of the hoodie by its two manufacturers.

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One Industries Whitestar Zip Hoodie

one industries whitestar zip hoodie   One Industries Whitestar Zip Hoodie

The One Industries Whitestar Zip Hoodie will keep you warm during the winter months, and it also looks good too. This all-white track jacket is made with 80% cotton and 20% polyester. The jacket also features a large embroidered Rockstar logo on the front, and and additional icon embroidered on the sleeves. A leather trim logo appears on the pocket. You can purchase the One Industries Whitestar Zip Hoodie at Chain Reaction Cycles for $56.78….

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