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How Much Hipster Can You Pack in a Honda Jazz Commercial

Honda is using commercials to attract different “themes” to the new Jazz, and with this commercial they go after hipsters. One of the individuals is holding a fixed gear equipped with a Aerospoke. Later in the commercial, the person is talking about how he can fit his bikes in the car. Enjoy.

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Honda Bike Simulator – Safety Training

honda bike simulator safety training   Honda Bike Simulator   Safety Training

With some of the new drivers (and old) on the road today, bike safety is very important, but some of us fall into the trap of thinking, and with the new Honda Bike Simulator you can start acting on impulse. Although there are times where us as rider do not follow the rules, and the Honda Bike Simulator lets us learn rules and etiquette’s of the road. The simulator itself brings true life scenarios, for example riding to school or the store, and with a LCD rear mount you can see traffic coming from behind. Available in February 2010, but pre orders will start in November.

Source: FarEastGizmos

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