pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Holzweg Wooden Fixie Bike

2011 holzweg wooden fixie bike   2011 Holzweg Wooden Fixie Bike

From the diploma project of Berlin designer Arndt Menke comes a wooden fixie bike called Holzweg this 2011. Aside from using wooden tubes for its unique frame, this fixed gear also utilizes properties to create an excellent damping system that is made within the frame.

Arndt Menke based the concept of the Holzweg fixie bike from the bamboo bike called B2O, which was made by the design studio Fritsch & Associates. For the most part, the main feature of the Holzweg is the clever use of wood in the tubular elements of the framework.

With its minimalist look and simple design, the 2011 Holzweg Wooden Fixie Bike is definitely an amazing choice for stylish riders. Its wooden structure offers a nice weight of 2.3 kg only. On the other hand, its stiffness and strength depend solely on the weight of the rider.

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