pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Hiplok Biker Belt Lock

2012 hiplok biker belt lock   2012 Hiplok Biker Belt Lock

Hiplok, an innovative bike product developer, has released one of the more interesting cycling items for 2012, which is a new chain lock with an adjustable buckle. Designed to be worn as a belt, this robust steel chain of a bike lock has a toughened chain concealed inside a nylon sleeve that feels like a seatbelt.

Aside from its hassle-free D-ring padlock and chain system, the biker belt lock has an excellent waist size adjustment. The belt can be worn without having to lock it with a key while riding. What the rider needs to do at a stop is secure it on the bike and around a pole with the padlock after unhooking it.

Urban cyclists will surely find the 2012 Hiplok Biker Belt Lock very useful. Weighing in at 4kg, this belt-lock fits riders with 26in to 44in waists. It will be available in different colors….

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