pinit fg en rect gray 20   Plus Eight Industries Hiplok

plus eight industry hiplok   Plus Eight Industries Hiplok

A lot of cyclists and riders have often wondered what to do with their bike chains, especially if its not being used to keep their bikes safe. There have been several ways that riders have been using in order to successfully get by with the hassle of lugging around bike chains during rides but Plus Eight Industries aim to change all that.

The new Plus Eight Industries Hiplok works primarily as a sturdy bike lock to secure your bike from anybody who might want to take it from you while parked outside buildings or even your home. And when you want to use the bike once again, you can take the hiplok and wrap it around your waist as it doubles also as a fashionable belt.

The actual colors of the belt plus the logo for it are also very reflective to help increase visibility at night and to avoid any incidences.


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