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Giro Ionos

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Giro Ionos

giro ionos   Giro Ionos

The Giro Ionos is designed with the use of Giro’s In-mold Technology that fuses the liner with a microshell to create something that looks like an exo-skeleton, resulting in a safer, more durable and lighter helmet.

Then, to make this helmet stand out, Giro made its exo-skeleton with a subframe, creating something that reinforces the helmet’s ribs and ventilation for added impact dispersion and structural support for the wearer of this helmet.

To keep the Ionos in place, Giro used their Roc Loc 4® fit system. The ventilation of this helmet is not a problem since it has 21 vents and a system of ventilation channels called the Wind Tunnel, all throughout the entire helmet, making the Ionos one of the best well-ventilated helmet ever created.

These channels move fresh air around and over its users head with the help of the exhaust ports, mitigating the amount of heat…

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Bell Meteor II Time Trial Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Bell Meteor II Time Trial Helmet

bell meteor ii time trial helmet   Bell Meteor II Time Trial Helmet

Bell continues its legacy to provide safety and excellent performance in all its products with the Meteor II helmet. Ideal for time trials, this helmet is widely used in the Olympic games as well as in the Tour de France.

The Meteor II helmet features InMold Construction and has an aerodynamic microshell. The product fuses aerodynamic benefits and quality impact absorption features. The helmet underwent wind-tunnel testing to ensure efficiency.

Lined with EPS foam to protect you from any crash collision, the Meteor II has ten vents to enhance airflow and ventilation. The helmet was designed with close-fitted lobes to cover your ears and achieve clean sweeping airflow at its sides.

Bell’s Meteor II uses the cam-lock strap levers to make adjusting of the helmet easy to do. You only need to lift the cam then adjust to the right fit for you then close to keep it in place.

The colors available are…

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TSG Kraken Anatomy Adaptable Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   TSG Kraken Anatomy Adaptable Helmet

tsg kraken anatomy adaptable helmet   TSG Kraken Anatomy Adaptable Helmet

The Kraken Helmet is the latest innovative product from TSG. In the field of helmets, it is the first to be made that has a feature that can automatically adjust to the shape and size of the wearer.

The TSG technology is applied to optimize the helmet’s features to give you a better fit with superior protection. The helmet has a high density injected ABS shell and for more comfort, the FixTech system was employed.

The inside of the helmet is lined with EPS impact foam which is lightweight and are cut into sections. The multi EPS zones are responsible for the adaptability of the helmet to any head shape. They are tied to one another with straps. Each section has an allowance of 3/8 of an inch.

The Kraken also has 14 aerodynamic vents and a snap chin buckle. It has a three point strap adjustment which gives any wearer a snug…

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TSG Evolution Graphic BMX Helmets

pinit fg en rect gray 20   TSG Evolution Graphic BMX Helmets

tsg evolution graphic bmx helmets   TSG Evolution Graphic BMX Helmets

Some new graphic Evolution BMX Helmets have released from TSG, and only two sizes are available: S/M and L/XL. Each of the TSG Evolution Graphic BMX Helmets weigh about 459 grams, and the styles are known as wildcat, albatros, anarchy, beam, bramble, cube, culture, graveyard, tag green, mistress, puzzle, ribbon, skyline, Guadalupe, and pinup. Each helmet uses a high density injected ABS shell, lightweight EPS impact foam, 14 aerodynamic vents, Pre-molded and heat-sealed interior pads, 3-point strap adjust, Snap chin buckle, Inside ventilation channels, Low fit for increased protection, Anatomical shaped mold (TSG snug fit), and Removable and washable pads 2 size sets per helmet. Retail price is $49.99.

Source: Transworld

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POC 2010 Helmets

pinit fg en rect gray 20   POC 2010 Helmets

poc 2010 helmets   POC 2010 Helmets

POC is a Swedish company that produces helmets and other safety gear, and sponsor Jeremiah Smith, Daniel Dhers, Anthony Napolitan, Brian Hunt, and Drew Bezanson. Now that you know a little about the brand, we introduce to the POC 2010 Helemts. In this lineup you can see your regular helmets and full face. Different colors and designs are available, with the traditional POC stamped on the side of a few. Check out the full lineup below.

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Troy Lee Designs 2010 Helmets

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Troy Lee Designs 2010 Helmets

troy lee designs 2010 helmets   Troy Lee Designs 2010 Helmets

Although many look forward to the D3 Troy Lee Helmets for 2010, the D2 is still a nice lineup, and can save you a couple dollars, but the retail price still ranges depending on the graphics. Materials used on the Troy Lee Designs 2010 D2 Helmets are carbon and composite shell, while the D2 is a bit lighter than the D3, but if you want a helmet that allows your head to breathe and protected more, the D3 is the way to go.

What you can expect with the D2 Troy Lee Designs 2010 Helmets are seven intake vents, four outake ports, D-Loop fastening, titanium peak screws, and a pad liner you can take out and clean. As you can see, different colors and graphics are available, with the Love Hate helmet grabbing the most attention. The carbon helmets come with a SE helmet bag, and…

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THE One Full Face Helmets 2010

pinit fg en rect gray 20   THE One Full Face Helmets 2010

the one full face helmets 2010   THE One Full Face Helmets 2010

THE “One” Full Face Helmets 2010 are set to release in the next few weeks, and two materials are available; composite and carbon fiber. Using a full face helmet is beneficial when racing BMX or Mountain Bikes. Each THE One Full Face helmets have 15 air vents, Dual EPS Liner, 4 vent channels, Stainless Steel Double-D Ring Closure, Dry Cool Removable Liner, and each helmet comes with matching bag and visor. Retail for composite helmets are around $221, and the Carbon Fiber helmets are $340.

Source: Dirtmountainbike

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