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2011 Bell Sanction, Bell Drop Helmets

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Bell Sanction, Bell Drop Helmets

2011 bell sanction bell drop helmets   2011 Bell Sanction, Bell Drop Helmets

Bell offers its 2011 helmets with the Sanction and the Drop. The Bell Sanction is a full-face helmet that’s lightweight and designed to fit young riders while the Bell Drop caters to adult sizes.

Ideal for BMX, all-mountain and Super-D riding, the Sanction has a fiberglass shell and adjustable three-point visor. Its full face design comes with a fully ventilated system, making it breathable and light. The 2011 Bell Sanction comes in 3 sizes and 6 colors with an MSRP of $85.

The 2011 Bell Drop helmet is aimed for downhill, four-cross, slalom, freeride or BMX. Makers of the Bell’s Moto-8 motocross helmet designed the hand-laminated Drop. Certified ASTM F1952 DH, the robust helmet has an integrated roost guard, flying bridge visor, 8 vents and a fiberglass shell. The 2011 Drop comes also in 3 sizes, 3 colors and with an MSRP of $130.

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Urge 2011 Down-O-Matic Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Urge 2011 Down O Matic Helmet

urge 2011 down o matic helmet   Urge 2011 Down O Matic Helmet

Urge Bike Products brings to 2011 the Down-O-Matic helmet. Dubbed to be the “Big Brother” among other helmets in the 2011 line, the Down-O-Matic comes with big circular vents on the front to keep airflow at its maximum. The vents have grids and the overall composite fiber construction brings the weight-protection ratio at its optimum.

Th inside of the Down-O-Matic is softly padded. Comfortable and removable, the pads can be washed to avoid gathering of sweat, dust and grime.The visor uses the Flex System technology to help protect the rider. If something hits the visor, it flexes to fall off away from the rider’s face.

Ideal to be used for for BMX, downhill, bikeparks or freeride, the 2011 Down-O-Matic lets you do extreme riding in better hands. The helmet comes in five loud colors and graphics.

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2011 THE T2 and .5 Helmets

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 THE T2 and .5 Helmets

2011 the t2 and 5 helmets   2011 THE T2 and .5 Helmets

THE continues its passion for cycling protection with its T2 and .5 helmets.

The T2 has a semi-integrated visor and 17 cooling vents strategically place to make it breathable. It comes in two versions, the carbon and the composite make. The T2 carbon helmet weighs about over 1000g. Both versions come with a Cordura nylon helmet bag and extra visor. The T2 has four internal airflow channels and for protection, a one-piece EPS liner that’s removable and washable. With a padded chin strap that uses a D-ring closure and glove tab, the carbon version retails for £229.00 while the composite version retails for £159.00.

The Point 5 helmet possesses 15 air vents on its injection-molded ABS shell. The liner can be removed and washed like the T2 and comes with a color-matched visor. The full-face helmet has a padded chin strap with D-ring closure and sports the same profile as…

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Paul Smith Helmets

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Paul Smith Helmets

paul smith helmets   Paul Smith Helmets

Giro helmets gets fashionably hip with new designs by Paul Smith. The fashion designer’s love for cycling goes a long way back and with his collaboration with Giro, Smith shows off three helmets bearing his signature.

Smith explains further, “With cycling becoming ever more popular especially in cities, making a bike helmet which we feel good in is quite difficult. I think the shape of these helmets is really great and the matt finishes are really good. Apart from offering them in plain colors I have also added some colorful designs to them which I hope add more fun to something which could save your life.”

The Giro helmets have an in-mold construction in a basic hard shell shape. There are three designs featured by Smith. These are crayon-like stripes, animal faces and abstract. Retail price for the Paul Smith helmet is $95.

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Carnac Hades Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Carnac Hades Helmet

carnac hades helmet   Carnac Hades Helmet

Carnac’s first venture in head gear is its Hades helmet. Aimed to be used for all types of riding, the shape and design is uniquely its own.

The Carnac Hades helmet has a removable visor, carbon reinforcements on the outside of the shell and a per notch adjustable system at the back to make the helmet fit perfectly. The inner shell is fortified with its one of a kind helmet cut to keep the styrofoam pads from coming off.

The gel pads inside the Hades helmet are cut and placed strategically to increase ventilation and air flow. Sizes available are 52-58 and 55-62 along with four colors to choose from.

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Nutcase Helmets Street Collection

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Nutcase Helmets Street Collection

nutcase helmets street collection   Nutcase Helmets Street Collection

Nutcase Helmets was on display at the SF Bike Expo with its large green brain logo and slogan “I love my brain”.

Nutcase Helmets has three collections, consisting of Street, Water and Snow. Within the street category are four series: Classic, Colorama, Super Solid, and Little Nutty.

Nutcase classic series uses decals displaying popular designs such as stars and stripes to checkerboards. Colorama uses vibrant colors like lemon lime, sky blue and pumpkin head. Super solid color range is wide, but are on the flat side. Little Nutty is Nutcase’s kids edition helmets.

Prices vary from $40 to $50 depending on the style and series.

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Amara CAM XC Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Amara CAM XC Helmet

amara cam xc helmet   Amara CAM XC Helmet

Kali Protectives are top makers of different protective gear. Its latest is the Amara CAM XC helmet. Available in two colors (Euca Graphite Anthracite and White), in Sanskrit, Amara means “Immortal” and that is what Kali Protectives aims to help achieve with its helmet.

Here are some of its fine features:
• Polycarbonate, super lightweight shell
• Low density EPS foam lined to absorb impact
• Integrated Airflow System (17 vents)
• New design for wider rear coverage
• Breakaway visor
• Integrated Camera Mount

The Amara Cam XC uses Kali Protectives’ patented Composite Fusion technology to secure the polycarbonate shell with the EPS lining well bonded to give quality protection.

Here is the fit guide for the Amara CAM XC helmet:
Size, CM Circumference, Inches Circumference, Hat Size
Small/Medium 54-58 cm 21 1/2 to 22 3/4 6 3/4 to 7 1/4
Medium/Large 58-64 cm 22 3/4 to 25 1/8 7 1/4 to 8

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