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2011 LAS Squalo Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 LAS Squalo Helmet

2011 las squalo helmet   2011 LAS Squalo Helmet

The word unique comes to mind upon seeing the new 2011 LAS Squalo Helmet, especially from the visual aspect of things.

The new helmet from LAS called Squalo, which is “Shark” in Italian, also acts like a predator of the deep. It works well both in the summer as well as in the winter time.

The Squalo helmet has a winter pad that covers the helmet’s holes to avoid getting your head frozen during runs in the winter time. During the summer, users can also opt to get the mesh pad with a lighter padding, which works perfectly well with the 29 vents that help in circulating the air.

The LAS Squalo also boasts of the Cat-Eyes 3D Evo 3D fitting system. This helps riders adjust the back strap either vertically or horizontally with a limit for 44mm.

The helmet is also exceptionally light weighing in at 294 grams and has…

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Canyon Excel Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Canyon Excel Helmet

canyon excel helmet   Canyon Excel Helmet

Racers with a good sense of fashion as well as on the lookout for an affordable helmet should definitely take up the offer of the new Canyon Excel Helmet from Canyon.

The new Canyon Excel helmets offer the best possible experience for style, weight, protection and ventilation at a fraction of the cost compared to most helmets out on the market right now.

Because of the design, which will feature a foam liner in the hard shell, the helmet gives an improved ventilation and is lighter compared to other helmets out now. While literally giving your head some breathing space it does not in anyway make the helmet’s strength suffer nor does it make it harder to wear.

The bike helmet has over 24 vents and it has machine washable anti-bacterial pads, which should be a great deal for a lot of racers who want to be hygienic while on the road. The…

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2011 O’Neal Airtech Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 ONeal Airtech Helmet

2011 oneal airtech helmet   2011 ONeal Airtech Helmet

Riders with an affinity for looking cool and at the same time looking for a full-on protective gear should get the 2011 O’Neal Airtech Helmets.

Currently, the finishing touches are being applied to the helmets but from the initial look that were seeing, these helmets will come in a multitude of colors for riders to choose from. Aesthetics aside, the moto inspired full face for the helmet is also a great addition to the overall appeal of the helmet.

There are several things that should be expected when the helmets officially roll out of the assembly line, including a longer peak that can also raise the load; the mesh will also bid us goodbye as it will be replaced by the new O’Neal standard, a dark colored wire mesh; and finally, some parts of the helmet will also be changed to help make it durable enough to be hung from handlebars.

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2011 SixSixOne DIRT LID Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 SixSixOne DIRT LID Helmet

2011 sixsixone dirt lid helmet   2011 SixSixOne DIRT LID Helmet

With a lighter and safer edge, the 2011 SixSixOne Dirt LID Helmet is best for dirt or street styles. With an outer shell made of (injection molded) ABS plastic, it features an inner shell that is made of EPS foam that comes with a removable cloth liner padding. It includes a 3-Pad kit to accommodate 3 different sizes – S, M and L. Available in six color-themes to choose from, the 2011 SixSixOne Dirt LID Helmet provides maximum safety and reliability.

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2011 Giro Xar Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Giro Xar Helmet

2011 giro xar helmet   2011 Giro Xar Helmet

The Xar is practically the combination of all helmet models from Giro. It offers excellent ventilation, maximum protection and comfort, which is most suitable for all-mountain, marathon XC and Super D. The Xar is carefully crafted with ergonomic side arms, perfectly designed to provide more comfort and flawlessness when wearing sunglasses.

The 2011 Giro Xar helmet features a new system from Giro called the donapasvane Roc Loc 5 system. This new system provides a completely new whole unparalleled level experience of comfort, stability, adaptability and low eight for riders. With Roc Loc 5, adjusting the tightness of the helmet in two directions, using one hand going vertical or horizontal, is easy. Simply turn the small round disk from the back of the helmet to tighten it in rough terrain or to loosen it up in warmer weather. Regulating the helmet in a vertical direction is simple because of its clamp located…

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2011 Fox Helmets, Gloves, Jerseys, Knee + Arm Pads

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Fox Helmets, Gloves, Jerseys, Knee + Arm Pads

2011 fox helmets gloves jerseys klnee arm pads2   2011 Fox Helmets, Gloves, Jerseys, Knee + Arm Pads

There’s no doubt that Fox has delivered several goods last year, and this year is no exception. To start off 2011 right, Fox has released several new products such a helmets, cycling gloves, jerseys and knee and arm pads.

New helmets have been released, including the Flux helmet, built with an outer shell that covers and protects the EPS from dings and dents, thus, provides structural integrity with a molded wrap fit.

Coming to its line of apparel accessories are its Unabomber gloves, built with hydro management nano-technology for more resistants to water. The Unabomber also serves as the company’s debut of its very own new Poron XRD extreme Impact Protection.

The Poron XRD extreme Impact Protection foam is brought to the next level, as it stays soft and flexible when used normally but turns stiff for protection when impact occurs. The same foam is also found on the new…

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Louis Garneau Europcar Professional Cycling Custom Kit + Custom Helmets

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Louis Garneau Europcar Professional Cycling Custom Kit + Custom Helmets

louis garneau europcar professional cycling custom kit custom helmets   Louis Garneau Europcar Professional Cycling Custom Kit + Custom Helmets

The 2011 cycling season will prove to be a big victory not only for cycling teams from around the world but also for the Europcar Professional Cycling Team Custom kit and custom helmet.

One great thing that racing teams should look forward to this year is that Louis Garneau will now officially be providing both apparel and helmets for cycling. The new and improved helmet and apparel is the product of intense study and observation of a windtunnel’s effect on body acceleration to enhance the aerodynamic performance. Louis Garneau’s International Marketing Director, Pierre Perro, was proud when saying that the new apparel and helmet will definitely exceed any standards on cycling apparel.

With the help of the study conducted on wind resistance to a cyclist’s placing, the technology and the design for the Mondo Jersey was created. The upgraded jersey has multiple zones and technology that can easily adapt with airflow…

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