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Innovative Helmet Prevents Rotational Head Dangers

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Innovative Helmet Prevents Rotational Head Dangers

innovative helmet prevents rotational head dangers   Innovative Helmet Prevents Rotational Head Dangers

A cyclists knows that a head injury is a serious thing because it can be fatal. If not, major head trauma that may result to brain damage. To counter this, a new helmet was invented that mimics the human head and how it works to lessen any injury to the head. The new helmet aims to decrease the impact of rotational injuries that riders may encounter.

The Phillips Head Protection System evolutionized the design for the helmet by adding an anti-rotational synthetic membrane known as SuperSkin. It is scratch resistant and can stretch up to 8 times its size. The gel-like substance is layered over the helmet and is coated inside as well. Similar to POC’s Cortex DH helmet, the goal is to protect the rider from head injuries by copying how your scalp functions against the skull when you experience a blow to the head, tumble or fall. …

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Giro Ionos Team RadioShack Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Giro Ionos Team RadioShack Helmet

giro ionos team radioshack helmet 1   Giro Ionos Team RadioShack Helmet

Giro who is officially on board with Team RadioShack has presented the team with their custom Giro Ionos Helmet, but now we have a detailed look. Dipped in traditional Team RadioShack colors of red/black, the helmet of choice is the Ionos. Seen are Giro, Team RadioShack, and a Lance Armstrong with USA Flag decals. Featuring 21 large vents, and internal channels to create what Giro calls “Wind Tunnel ventilation”. Compared to other Team RadioShack products, the Giro Ionos Team RadioShack Helmet is somewhat on the simpler side, but looks great.

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Helmet Lock

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Helmet Lock

helmet lock   Helmet Lock

Most people use U-Locks on their bikes. Oddly enough, helmets have holes in them but the holes are not designed to allow the U-Lock to fit through. That leaves you the hassle of carrying around your helmet. Well you are not alone with this problem. And an inventor named Blake Mills has come up with a solution.

Blake Mills has created his own Helmet Lock. It is a wire covered vinyl loop that is inserted through a hole on the helmet and is easily connected to the U-Lock. Blake said, “I actually found myself riding more often and enjoying myself more after solving this simple little problem. And now I want to solve it for you too!” Available for order at the website for $12.95. It’s more than just a piece of wire. Let us give credit to the inventor for taking time to tackle a problem with a…

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Team Sky Kask Vertigo Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Team Sky Kask Vertigo Helmet

team sky kask vertigo helmet   Team Sky Kask Vertigo Helmet

If you have seen Team Sky race recently you may have seen the helmets they are wearing, and could raise a eyebrow. For those that do not know, Kask is supplying Team Sky helmets, previously they were supporting Barlworld. The actual helmet is called the Vertigo, and of course comes in the traditional Team Sky colors. Featuring up and down adjustment hinged maximizing comfort, 24 vents for keeping your head cool, reinforced frame on the inside of the helmet, and reflective strips on the back of the helmet and strap. You can purchase a Kask helmet now through various retailers.

Source: RoadBikeUK

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Pro-Tec Shovel Head 2 Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Pro Tec Shovel Head 2 Helmet

pro tec shovel head 2 helmet   Pro Tec Shovel Head 2 Helmet

Looking for a new full face helmet that has some style? The Pro-Tec Shovel Head 2 Helmet is built for down hill, freeride and dirt jumping, plus has a nice look to it. Pro-Tec made sure the Shovel Head 2 Helmet was ventilated, and accommodating for easy cleaning. Some other highlights not stated are the jaw piece vents maximize airflow, 10 passive read vents, CE/CPSC and ASTM 1952 / 2032 Certified, removable Nylex lier, and low profile ABS shell followed by a EPS liner. Size small to extra large is available.

Source: Vital MTB

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LAS Victory Helmet 2010

pinit fg en rect gray 20   LAS Victory Helmet 2010

las victory helmet 2010   LAS Victory Helmet 2010

Racing or not, you can fill like a champ with the LAS Victory Helmet 2010. The LAS Victory Helmet uses Catseyes system roller adjustment, 25 vents with internal channel for high ventilation, AIRTEX interior and treated with INTERPOWER to keep your head dry and fresh. The Silver Dry fabric will assist the helmet for staying dry, while only taking about 30 seconds, plus is removable and washable. The small LAS Victory Helmet 2010 weighs 250 grams, while the large is 270 grams. Different colors are available, and retails for $230.

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Giro Prolight 2010 Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Giro Prolight 2010 Helmet

giro prolight 2010 helmet   Giro Prolight 2010 Helmet

Giro, one of the leading helmet distributors in the world, brings a new helmet for 2010, known as the Prolight. The Giro Prolight 2010 Helmet has a long list of features, and is said to be one of the lightest helmets in the world with the medium size helmet weighing 172 grams. Moving on to some of the tech stuff, the Giro Prolight 2010 helmet uses upper and lower in mould hardbodies, wind tunnel ventilation with 25 vents in total, self adjusting RL SL fit system, X-Static padding, new lightweight Air Loc buckle, and 3-position snap baskets in the temple area. Four colors are available: blue/black, red/black, black/carbon, and white/silver. Retail price is $200.

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