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Rudy Project Sterling Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Rudy Project Sterling Helmet

rudy project sterling helmet   Rudy Project Sterling HelmetThe Rudy Project Sterling Helmet is a comfortable fitting helmet with an awesome adjustment system that uses a comfort ring along with their retention dial system that they call RSR7.

The RSR7 is easily pulled on and is easy to adjust even with your gloves on. The Sterling Helmet comes with a floating inner net, which also works as a bug shield, that is also comfortable as well unlike other helmet nets. The padding system is attached with the use of a small Velcro patch that is glued in the helmet’s shell.

Although, in the prototype of this helmet, the Velcro pads tend to get unglued sometimes but on their final model, the Velcro pads are glued very well. The Sterling helmet has 18 ventilation holes to be exact, which is great enough to cool down your head and is even impressive during hot weathers.

This Sterling Helmet also comes…

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Catlike Whisper Plus Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Catlike Whisper Plus Helmet

catlike whisper plus helmet 300x223   Catlike Whisper Plus HelmetThe Catlike Whisper helmet comes in 13 colors and with 3 MTB versions which also has detachable visors. The popular honeycomb design comes in with 39 holes air intake system for better ventilation and a dual cooling technology.

The safety features of this helmet includes a CES technology which is a crash splitter, an inner pin rear receiver and an adjustable rear retention for the cyclist’s comfort. This helmet has meet its European safety standard under EN 1078, depending however on which country you live in to meet the specific requirement.

In the United States, although this helmet does not meet the CPCS standards, the Catlike Whisper was added by the US cycling with its European standards to it’s approved list.

The Whisper is convenient for cyclists since it is very light, weighing only about 230 grams in its Small and Medium sizes as well as it’s super compact design.

The Catlike…

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Giro Advantage 2 Bike Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Giro Advantage 2 Bike Helmet

giro advantage 2 bike helmet   Giro Advantage 2 Bike HelmetIf you own a two-wheel land vehicle, most probably, you own a helmet. A helmet is intended to be worn when you are on the road riding a motorcycle or a bicycle so as to protect you from impacts to the skull in case you fall, thereby minimizing the dangers that might result. But when you do casual biking, do you think you still need to wear one? Absolutely, yes. If you find it an uninteresting stuff, find a helmet that makes you feel that you are not wearing a helmet at all like Giro Advantage 2 Bike Helmet.

Giro Advantage 2 Bike Helmet is one of the images of power and performance as it is known for its aerodynamic performance, fit and ventilation. Using the In-mold technology that bonds the helmet’s tough outer micro shell to the impact-absorbing expanded polystyrene liner, this makes it possible to create a light, cool…

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Giro The Rift Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Giro The Rift Helmet

the rift by giro   Giro The Rift HelmetSafety is necessity so you have to choose helmets like The Rift made by Giro in order to keep your head safe from potential accidents. With this, it is important for you to know how this helmet can keep you from head injuries on intense cycling activities.

Since it is made by Giro, you are assured that it is infused with different technologies working together to give you maximum comfort and safety. This has the in-mold technology that makes it possible for you to have a lighter helmet because this technology has merged the outer shell of the helmet with the shockproof material inside.

Aside from this, The Rift has the Acu Dial fit system as well as the Universal Fit that makes it a comfortable wear for everyone. In addition, to add for the comfort, it has 24 vents that will make sure that you…

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Schwinn Artemis Adult Women Micro Bicycle Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Schwinn Artemis Adult Women Micro Bicycle Helmet

schwinn artemis adult women micro bicycle helmet 300x225   Schwinn Artemis Adult Women Micro Bicycle HelmetIt is true that cycling is a very enjoyable sport. However, it does not mean that you will take your safety for granted. With this, one of the first protective items that you should get is a helmet. One of the helmets available in the market is the Schwinn Artemis Adult Women Micro Bicycle Helmet.

The main feature of this helmet is that it has 21 air vents that will make you feel very comfortable even during hot weather season. This is because these vents will allow proper air circulation that will keep you from too much sweating.

Another feature of this helmet is that it will fit every user perfectly because of its strap system. In this way, the user will not have any problems in wearing them or falling off while cycling.

The next feature that gives the user additional protection is its reflective…

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Spiuk Daggon Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Spiuk Daggon Helmet

spiuk daggon helmet   Spiuk Daggon Helmet

Spiuk came out with the Daggon helmet to answer the demand for a contemporary look with a hint of aggressive style. The helmet, which was launched in 2008, was tested by pros from AG2R and Agritubel teams. The Daggon is in line with current helmet trends with its 27 vents incorporated to provide effective ventilation for the user.

The helmet is made with reinforced carbon-fibre and expanded polystyrene. This provides an impact resistant quality for the Spiuk Daggon. The inner structure which is lined with the high performance polymer makes it more durable and provides better protection for the rider.

Comfortable to use, Spiuk conducted research to perfect the helmet’s head shape from studies on anthroprometry and cranial morphology. Having such knowledge, they used this to tighten the CompactFix retention system and applied it on the Daggon. The helmet comes in size S-M for heads measuring 51cm to 57cm and…

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Contour HD Bike Helmet Camera

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Contour HD Bike Helmet Camera

contour hd bike helmet camera   Contour HD Bike Helmet Camera

Nowadays, documenting your ride meant uploading this online and sharing it with the world. The Contour HD Bike Helmet Camera allows you to do this easily. A wire-free camera that is easy to use, the Contour HD camera lets you record in 720 HD. The camera delivers crisp colours and live action without any complicated configurations.

This helmet camera has many features. It is compatible to PC and Mac. It can be used with any application software. You can watch your video playback via Quick Time or on any other computer hardware. It supports MicroSD cards and HD cards up to 16 GB.

With 135 degree glass lens, video recording during any time of the day is also not a problem. The lens can be rotated to180 degrees so you can adjust views easily. There are also twin lasers to guide you on horizon and orientation settings.


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