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Giro Sheer Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Giro Sheer Helmet

giro sheer   Giro Sheer Helmet For the woman who wants great performance and style, Giro has come up with what they’re calling the most technically advanced snow helmet made yet. The Giro Sheer helmet boasts of plush detailing, an amazing fit and being extremely lightweight. What sets it apart is its “In Form Fit” engineered technology that provides the most comfortable and accurate fit in a matter of seconds. Along with the dial at the base of the helmet that lets you adjust tightness to your own comfort and the vertical tuning feature, you can even fit any goggles and head shape with relative ease.
The Thermostat Control feature allows for temperature adjustment to make sure you’re always feeling fresh. Super cool vents make for great circulation and cooling effect by drawing stale air out and pulling cool air in. Its Stack Vents, meanwhile, guarantee to…

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Bontrager Leopard Trek Oracle Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Bontrager Leopard Trek Oracle Helmet

bontrager leopard trek oracle helmet   Bontrager Leopard Trek Oracle Helmet

Yes it’s official. It has been recently announced that Bontrager is the Leopard Trek Team’s official helmet. It’s a carbon fiber-reinforced pro-caliber racing oracle helmet that maximizes ventilation, which will first debut in action at the Santos Tour Down Under.

Ricardo Scheidecker, the team’s technical manager, is very enthusiastic and confident about the team’s official helmet in which he acclaims its security and durability. He believes that the Oracle helmet has brought it to the next level in terms of its design and innovation that Bontrager has implemented.

Two aspects of innovation has been implemented to achieve maximum ventilation of the oracle helmet and to make sure that it keeps its low profile – Bontrager Helmet Product Manager, Al Clark said. Maximum optimization of vent shape and placement through the provision of CFD-aided design, including the critical front center channel vent, was the first aspect. Second, Structural integrity and load…

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Casqu’En Ville Bicycle Helmets

pinit fg en rect gray 20   CasquEn Ville Bicycle Helmets

casquen ville bicycle helmets 1 300x300   CasquEn Ville Bicycle Helmets

Casqu’En Ville believes mixing up your regular bike helmet with a favorite hat is the answer to a more trendy commute.

Keeping your head safe is a priority for the fashion forward product yet so is style. The helmets are “dressed up”—or you can also say “disguised” as a newsboy cap, chapka, polo helmet cap, fluffy hat and other kinds of caps. Hats can be swapped out for a different look or occasion.

The basic helmet is made from either carbon fiber or black lacker carbon. This makes it light and durable. The hat and helmet comes in 5 sizes (XXS, XS, S, M and L). The helmet itself weighs around 220g to 310g depending on size. The wall inside the helmet is uses polystyrene and the padding follows that of a motorcycle helmet with 10 air ducts for ventilation and comfort.

The EPS helmet retails at $100, while the hat…

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Garneau Vorttice Aerodynamic Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Garneau Vorttice Aerodynamic Helmet

Louis-Garneau brings to you Vorttice, the aerodynamic helmet which aims to make you go faster. The Vorttice is a result from a balance of expert training and feedback from athletes worldwide. It has a design that maximizes the aerodynamic features of the helmet. Patent for the helmet is still pending though.

The Vorttice features the dimpled technology on the front, allows the airflow to be close to the helmet, hugging over the dents when hitting the vortex generator at the top of the helmet. The shape of the Vorttice lets it take on wind that comes from different directions without slowing you down.

It also has a direct air intake or main vent on the front, at the highest pressure point, which takes in the blunt force of the wind and redirects it in three evacuation channels inside the helmet, keeping it well ventilated and lets the air exit freely at…

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Fox Striker Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Fox Striker Helmet

fox striker helmet   Fox Striker Helmet

Fox first released the Flux sometime back, and now will introduced a new helmet for XC riding, the Striker.

The Fox Striker helmet features 22 vents (just like the Flux), but uses a aggressive shell to guide wind to your head, and structural honeycomb vents are inserted to cool down.

At the back of the Fox Striker, you can see extra coverage, which they say protects better than other XC helmets on the market. Once again comparing to the Flux, the Striker is lighter (overall weight was not released).

The Fox Striker Helmet will retail for about $138 USD, in sizes XS/S, S/M, L/XL. Colors available will be Black/Charcoal, Black/White, Silver, Black, and White/Black/Red. Releasing between February – March 2011.

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Limar Ultralight Pro 104 Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Limar Ultralight Pro 104 Helmet

limar ultralight pro 104 helmet   Limar Ultralight Pro 104 Helmet

The Limar Ultralight Pro 104 Helemt is said by the company to be the worlds lightest helmet while weighing in at 170 grams in a size medium, and 200 grams for a size large.

With the lightness of the Limar Ultralight Pro 104 road cycling helmet comes 22 vents, which assists in keeping your head cool, and micrometric fitment system that uses a thumb wheel to adjust. Not only is their a road helmet, but a mountain bike one is available as well.

Available in blue white, silver white, carbon, red white, and white. Retail is about $193 USD.

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Giro Xar Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Giro Xar Helmet

giro xar helmet   Giro Xar Helmet

Evolving from the Xen, Giro releases a new helmet, the Xar. Taking characteristics from the Xen and Hex, the Giro Xar Helmet features 17 wind tunnel designed vents, plus internal channels which steers the airflow and X-Static antimicrobial pads. Also added is the Roc Loc 5 retention system.

What did Giro have to say about the new Xar Helmet: “Just as riding styles and bikes have evolved, so must the helmet. The new Xar, inspired by the Xen, but designed to meet the performance needs of today’s progressive all- mountain rider.”

With over 2 years of perfecting and developing, the Roc Loc 5 is here. Roc Loc 5 will dial in fit tension and adjust vertical positioning with ease. All you have to do is twist the dial for a tight feel, and vice versa to loosen. Releasing February 2011, with a retail price of…

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