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2011 Lazer Cityzen Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Lazer Cityzen Helmet

2011 lazer cityzen helmet   2011 Lazer Cityzen Helmet

Lazer has added a hot new item to its 2011 lineup of helmets, which is the Cityzen. As the name implies, this is an urban helmet that will surely not fail to catch attention with its chic design. Riders who want to commute in style will definitely fall in love with the 2011 Lazer Cityzen Helmet.

Not only does the Cityzen provide a stylish look. The helmet provides perfect protection from the sun as well with its built-in sun visor. Moreover, excellent comfort is guaranteed by its excellent fit adjustment system.

Along with the classy grey or black plaid look are the smooth colors, lively silhouette, and defined TurnFit security system. With its guaranteed comfort, perfect fit, unique and beautiful design, and an efficient visor, there is nothing to dislike about the Cityzen helmet.

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2012 Cannondale Ryker Mountain Biking Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Cannondale Ryker Mountain Biking Helmet

2012 cannondale ryker mountain biking helmet   2012 Cannondale Ryker Mountain Biking Helmet

For 2012, Cannondale has released a mountain bike helmet called Ryker. Like its typical approach, Cannondale designed the Ryker to offer first-rate comfort, function, form, safety and overall usage. In key impact zones, support and strength are added by the exoskeleton reinforcements.

Embedded chassis tackles impacts while occipital fit system with micro adjust dial allows for an easy and perfect fit. To disperse and redirect impact, the helmet features a dual density foam. Extra safety and protection is provided by the cone-shaped foam that functions as crumple zones.

With the moisture and odor resistant rubber pad in the back, large vents make the helmet more breathable. Weighing about 250g, the 2012 Cannondale Ryker Mountain Biking Helmet is for riders who demand comfort and safety when mountain biking. The helmet is available in five color options.

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Kask K10 Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Kask K10 Helmet

kask k10 helmet   Kask K10 Helmet

The Kask K10 Helmet is not only the best looking product from Kask, its also one of the trusted brands of Team Sky.

This Italian made bike helmet is lighter and definitely friendly to your head thanks to the 19 various air vents strategically located around the helmet to keep the air flowing either when its crunchtime in a race or even when the sun is at its highest point during the day.

The helmet from Kask has also been designed to be stronger and better thanks to the “in molding” system integrated into the helmet, which conveniently links the inner polystrene segment of the helmet to its’ polycarbonate parts making it effectively tougher than most helmets.

The helmet is priced at $208 and also features a unique chinstrap called the “eco-leather chinstrap”, which is basically a comfortable looking chinstrap that is non-allergenic and at the same time avoids any form of…

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2011 Bell Arella Urban Sport Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Bell Arella Urban Sport Helmet

2011 bell arella urban sport helmet   2011 Bell Arella Urban Sport Helmet

Compared to other helmets of the same price, the 2011 Bell Arella Urban Sport is considered to be one of the most innovative ones. Its awesome styling and features make this fairly lightweight helmet perfect for urban cyclists, recreational riders and commuters.

Integrated into the nylon web of the helmet at the rear are flashing red lights that make the helmet aesthetically appealing. Unless the rider is wearing gloves, these red lights are easy to switch on and off. For replacement, the batteries are easy to get as well.

On the other hand, if the rider is wearing a high-necked jacket or top, the lights are not readily visible. For more visibility, a safety feature is added to the 2011 Bell Arella Urban Sport Helmet backed up by a light bracket positioned higher up on the cranium.

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2011 661 ReCon Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 661 ReCon Helmet

2011 661 recon   2011 661 ReCon Helmet

Designed to be a mountain bike helmet, the 2011 661 Recon helmet allows for fewer components and has a 303g weight.

The helmet features a rear extended coverage, which was specifically designed to have a Moto profile. Everything is held down by a Detox fit system that can be easily adjusted.

Ventilation and airflow isn’t an issue with the help of 18 intake vents designed around the helmet that keeps your head cool. Meanwhile, active ventilation is done within the helmet thanks to the smart internal channeling placed inside the helmet.

An optional removable moto inspired visor is also part of the package, which is completed by matte finished graphics coupled with an adjustable nylon strap system and a quick release buckle closure.

The 2011 661 ReCon Helmet is currently priced at $102.00. …

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Lazer Tardiz- Time Trial 2011

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Lazer Tardiz  Time Trial 2011

lazer tardiz time trial 2011   Lazer Tardiz  Time Trial 2011

In its second year in production, the 2011 Lazer Tardiz Time Trial is upgraded with Lazer’s new magnetic clip and an optional visor. With its Head’s Up design, this helmet features a shorter tail. Through this shorter tail, the drag is limited even when the rider drops his head for a drink, look at his computer or simply rests.

This feather light and aerodynamic helmet, which is certified by CE-CPSC-AS, features a magic buckle. Its small magnetic buckle allows the rider to easily open or close the buckle with just a single hand. When closed, it is firmly locked and it does not irritate on long rides. For optimal ventilation, the helmet has an aquavent port on top to distribute water over the rider’s head. The Lazer helmet also has perfopad to distribute water from the aquavent across its padding.

The Lazer Tardiz Time Trial 2011 comes with sunglass…

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2011 SixSixOne DIRT LID Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 SixSixOne DIRT LID Helmet

2011 sixsixone dirt lid helmet   2011 SixSixOne DIRT LID Helmet

With a lighter and safer edge, the 2011 SixSixOne Dirt LID Helmet is best for dirt or street styles. With an outer shell made of (injection molded) ABS plastic, it features an inner shell that is made of EPS foam that comes with a removable cloth liner padding. It includes a 3-Pad kit to accommodate 3 different sizes – S, M and L. Available in six color-themes to choose from, the 2011 SixSixOne Dirt LID Helmet provides maximum safety and reliability.

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