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2012 HED Ardennes FR Clincher Wheelset

2012 hed ardennes fr clincher wheelset   2012 HED Ardennes FR Clincher Wheelset

One of the wheelsets offering great performance is the 23mm-wide clincher wheelset called Ardennes FR, which was released by Steve Hed for 2012. The FR in its name stands for Flamme Rouge, which is the top-shelf designation of Hed.

Aluminum-rimmed, the Ardennes FR is a lightweight wheelset that offers incredible speed and strength. With this wheelset, gripping the road is significantly better for any tire. A body option allows riders to choose between a Shimano/SRAM-spline and Campagnolo-spline cassette.

In the alloy wheel category, the 2012 HED Ardennes FR Clincher Wheelset is definitely one of the favorite picks. The stallion build of the wheelset makes it ideal for cyclists who weigh between 87 to 102kg. Also, the skewer and ratchet ring of the wheels are titanium.

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2011 HED Jet Disc Wheel

2011 hed jet disc wheel   2011 HED Jet Disc Wheel

First offered in 1987, the original Jet disc is updated for 2011 as the HED Jet Disc Wheel. Retaining the same basic construction and design, new knowledge accumulated through the years will be added to the HED. With the Jet Disc that features excellent aerodynamics, a hybrid construction is used.

Available in tubular or clincher, the HED’s C2 aluminum rim minimizes two Cs- aerodynamic resistance (Cda) and rolling resistance (Crr). The rim’s width enhanced the efficiency of air passing over the tire and the contact patch and support for the tire.

While nicely innovated, the 2011 HED Jet Disc Wheel still offers the reliable features the original version had. The wheel features a valve extender steel-shafted and a HED quick-release skewer. Fitting perfectly in the opening is the tested Silca crack pipe disc wheel adapter.

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HED Cycling Stinger 5, 7 Carbon Tubulars Road + 2011 Cyclocross Wheelsets

hed cycling stinger 5 7 carbon tubulars road 2011 cyclocross wheelsets   HED Cycling Stinger 5, 7 Carbon Tubulars Road + 2011 Cyclocross Wheelsets

The Stinger 5 and Stinger 7 are two of the latest innovative products from HED. The all-new Stinger 5 and 7 carbon tubular wheels are especially designed for rough and tough cyclocross. Through Stability Control Tuning (SCT) technology, Stinger 5 and 7 are tuned for neutral crosswind handling without compromising performance in other aspects.

In addition, the Stinger 5 (50 mm deep) is made for cobbles and cross. It has a thick carbon layup that offers more comfort for a tough ride on rough surfaces. Featuring extra carbon fiber layers on its 50 mm-deep rim that is designed for 25 mm or larger tubulars, the whole wheelset weighs in at 1,390 g (615 g F / 775 g R). The Stinger 7 (70 mm deep) is a super stiff wheel for sprinting, easily holding up to fast cornering and sprinting in an aero package with its reinforced sidewalls that allow…

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