pinit fg en rect gray 20   Hayes Prime Disc Brakes 2010

hayes prime disc brakes 2010   Hayes Prime Disc Brakes 2010

Hayes has just launched the new mountain bike disc brakes for 2010 known as the Prime. Hayes says the new Prime disc brakes use industry first technologies, while promoting themselves to the top of the hydraulic brake bracket. You may ask what are the technologies making the Hayes Prime Disc Brakes 2010 elite? The company has added a improved tool free reach adjust, fixed mechanical advantage no matter where the lever is positioned, mechanical leverage ratio has increased allowing progressive braking, and the hydraulic power ratio increased by a 20%. Other new features are performance hose, two piece rotor, hose stress relief, nickel plated titanium and aluminum fasteners, and new bushing split clamp. Available sizes are 40, 160, 180, 203, and 224mm. Available June 2010.

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